Quality Control

Anyone can say they're high quality, but how do you know it’s not just talk? When we say Trumbull asphalt is high quality, it’s not just us talking. Our quality is certified by the American Association of State Highway Testing Officials (AASHTO), the country's most respected asphalt-quality monitoring organization.

How did we get so good at asphalt manufacturing? Simply put, asphalt is all we’ve done for more than 90 years. Since 1921, we’ve invested in research and development, purchasing state-of-the-art testing equipment, and hiring innovative and dedicated engineers with experience and expertise unmatched in the asphalt industry.  And you’ll find many of those engineers on the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) board helping create the standards that not only Trumbull® but all asphalt manufacturers must adhere to.

Our Summit, Illinois, technical lab is one of only a handful of multi-purpose asphalt company facilities to have earned the AASHTO certification. We meet or exceed ASTM standards in every category, whether it's testing for softening points, viscosity, weatherability, or penetrations.

Plus, each of our 13 asphalt plant locations tests each and every batch of asphalt in its own on-site laboratory, calibrated to the same exact standards as our Summit lab. The result: consistent quality -- not just batch to batch, but plant to plant.

For outstanding quality in asphalt, batch after batch, it’s Trumbull® asphalt.