Research and Development

Research and development has been a Trumbull® Asphalt trademark for decades – in coating applications, low-slope applications and specialty applications where customers routinely challenge us to meet precise performance criteria. And our research is proactive – with continuous developments to address critical industry issues like reducing kettle fumes in built-up roofing applications. In fact, our researchers have integrated additives to reduce asphalt fuming, which are now incorporated in a variety of Trumbull® products including PermaMop® and TruLo® MAX Built-Up Roofing asphalt.

For most industrial applications, asphalt can’t just be bought “off the shelf.” Each project requires precise characteristics, particular resistance to environmental conditions, or compatible chemistry for use in a compound.
Customers from literally dozens of different industries count on Trumbull® to create asphalt with the exact physical and/or chemical properties needed for their specific applications: Alkaline batteries. Printing inks. Paper laminates. Electrical ballasts. Tires. Burial vaults. Waterproofing products from foundations to roofs, and many others.

For more information on specific advancements, see Trumbull® Asphalt published papers.