Health and Safety Best Practices

When it comes to asphalt safety, there is always more to learn

It seems odd that there could be anything new to learn about a product that’s been extensively used for more than 5,000 years. Yet at Trumbull® Asphalt, we continue to research and discover new ways to not only develop asphalt products but address concerns about its effects on health and the environment.

Our environmental safety initiatives are focused in two primary areas: reducing asphalt fumes on the jobsite, and controlling vapor and emissions during asphalt manufacturing. We've published a variety of papers thoroughly documenting any potential adverse effects of asphalt fumes or manufacturing emissions and our successes in addressing them.

For example, we have developed asphalt products that reduce fumes emanating from molten asphalt on Built-Up Roofing Asphalt (BURA) jobsites. Our low-fuming asphalt products include TruLo® and PermaMop®.

But our expertise extends beyond products. We've earned patents for our technological advances in controlling emissions generated during asphalt manufacturing, such as our regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) and additive technologies to reduce NOx and SOx emissions. We've developed products and procedures for use in our asphalt cutback operations that reduce emissions by as much as 85%. We're even improving the safety of asphalt tanks by reducing the risk of tank explosions through monitoring vapor spaces, controlling vapor space fuel and eliminating ignition sources.

Asphalt is not a new product. But thanks to an unmatched commitment to research and development in the asphalt industry, Trumbull® engineers continue to introduce new and improved ways to make asphalt better for our customers and safer for the environment. Another example of Applied Innovation™ at work!

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