SARA 313 Information

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised the rules for reporting Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PAC) under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (commonly known as SARA). Two additional chemicals have been added to the PAC category, Benzo(j,k)fluorene(flouranthene) and 3-Methylcholanthrene. The EPA has also lowered the reporting threshold for the PAC category to 100 pounds. There are 21 chemicals that comprise the PAC category.

An additional PAC and Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) chemical has been added to the Section 313 list of individual chemicals requiring reporting. This chemical is Benzo(g,h,I,)perylene. Since Benzo(g,h,I,)perylene is a PBT chemical, the reporting threshold for this chemical is 10 pounds per year. Mercury and lead are also considered PBT chemicals by the EPA.

Trumbull® commissioned Heritage Environmental laboratory to sample our flux materials and oxidized product to provide guidance to Trumbull and our customers concerning the level of PAC’s, Benzo(g,h,I)perylene, and mercury present in our products. Six samples of fluxes and finished products were analyzed. The results of this analysis were very consistent, so the flux and oxidized product values were combined in the attached table. Trumbull considers this data to be the best information that is available to our customers on the products we provide.

Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PAC) Trumbull Fluxes and Products (BDL - Below Detection Limit)
 PAC Compoundnon-zeroStd. Dev  Detection
Units - mg/kgMeann=695% Confidence RangeMaximumLimit
 Benzo(j,k)fluorene(flouranthene)BDL  BDL5.0
 Benz(a)anthracene8 2.2 -
 Chrysene16.8 8.4 - 20.8255.0
 5-Methylchrysene4.6 2.2 - 77.45.0
 1-NitropyreneBDL  BDL25
 Benzo(b)fluorantheneBDL  BDL5.0
 Benzo(j)fluorantheneBDL  BDL5.0
 Benzo(k)fluorantheneBDL  BDL5.0
 7,12-Dimethylbenz(a)anthreneBDL  BDL25
 Benzo(a)pyreneBDL  BDL5.0
 3-MethylcholanthreneBDL  BDL5.0
 Dibenz(a,h)acridineBDL  BDL5.0
 Dibenz(a,j)acridine*BDL  BDL5.0
 Indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyreneBDL  BDL12.5
 Dibeno(a,h)anthraceneBDL  BDL12.5
 7H-Dibeno(c,g)carbazoleBDL  BDL25
 Dibenzo(a,e)fluorantheneBDL  BDL25
 Dibenzo(a,e)pyreneBDL  BDL12.5
 Benzo(r,s,t)pentapheneBDL  BDL25
 Dibenzo(a,h)pyreneBDL  BDL25
 Dibenzo(a,l)pyreneBDL  BDL25
 PAC Totals (mg/kg)26.6 36.6  
PBT Compoundnon-zeroStd. Dev  Detection
 Meann=695% Confidence RangeMaximumLimit
 Benzo(g,h,l)peryleneBDL0 012.5
PBT Metalsnon-zeroStd. Dev  Detection
 Meann=695% Confidence RangeMaximumLimit
LeadBDL0 BDL10
 Mercury BDL0 BDL10