Industrial and Specialty Asphalts

Experience. Innovation. Solutions.


Our customers bring us their performance requirements – from pliability to abrasion resistance; durability to chemical compatibility – and trust that we will develop asphalt that precisely meets those specifications, not simply settle for stock solutions.

Whatever your industrial asphalt need, Trumbullis uniquely positioned to deliver a product that meets or exceeds ASTM standards as well as state, local, federal and industry specifications. How? By checking and rechecking quality through repeated tests at each of our plants’ on-site laboratories as well as rigorous testing at our Technical Laboratory, certified by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials. And because high-quality asphalt is irrelevant if it’s not delivered on time, Trumbull’s 13 asphalt production plants are located within 200 miles of the vast majority of our customers.

We are not merely one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of industrial asphalt materials; we are one of the most successful. We remain focused on manufacturing and delivering literally hundreds of asphalt-based products across the globe that provide solid solutions to our customers’ needs. Experience. Innovation. Solutions. It’s what our customers have come to expect from us. It’s a reputation we take very seriously and work hard to earn.

Trumbull produces products for use in Drycell batteries, craft paper laminates, ballast transformers, printing ink, rust preventative products, water proofing compounds, tires and burial vaults, as well as many specialty asphalt products including culvert compounds, mineral rubber and granulated asphalt, asphalt cutbacks, automotive saturants, pipe and piling coatings and base asphalts for industrial applications.

Paving Asphalt Technical Data Sheet