Published Papers

Our commitment to research and innovation coupled with unparalleled experience has made Trumbull® engineers a respected resource for asphalt expertise. This is where you can find articles on a variety of subjects that have been researched and written by our asphalt experts.

Reducing Worker Exposure to Asphalt Fumes from Roofing Kettles
Date: February 2007
Size: 1MB

Reductions of Asphalt Fumes in Roofing Kettles
Date: May 2000
Size: 84K

Asphalt Fume Exposures During the Application of Hot Asphalt to Roofs
Date: June 2003
Size: 872KB

Estimates of Air Emissions from Asphalt Storage Tanks and Truck Loading
Date: Winter 1999
Size: 4.5MB

The Facts About Asphalt Fumes and Health
Date: October 2003
Size: 1.4MB

The Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Asphalt Fumes
Date: January 1995
Size: 2.1MB

Temperature and Viscosity Effects On The Application of Asphalt
Date: September 1998
Size: 1.6MB

Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Emissions from Asphalt Processing
Date: September 1998
Size: 48K

Influence of Air-Blowing on the Performance Properties of Paving Asphalt
Date: January 1996
Size: 172K

Techniques for Determination of Explosion Hazards in Asphalt Tanks
Date: February 1991
Size: 392K

Effects on Asphalt Softening Points of Various Time and Temperature Conditions
Date: May 1993
Size: 56K

The Asphalt Model (Results of the SHRP Asphalt Research Program)
Size: 96K

Better Understanding Needed for Asphalt Tank-Explosion Hazards
Date: September 1989
Size: 112K

The Magnitude and Source of Air Emissions from Asphalt Blowing Operations
Date: Spring 1998
Size: 88K