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BRIGHT&UP™ Ceiling Tile Overlay

For Suspended Ceiling Renovations

Cleaner, Simpler, Brighter Suspended Ceiling Tile Renovation Solution

Crisp white and light weight, BRIGHT&UP™ takes the hassle out of suspended ceiling renovations. Made from fiberglass paper, the overlay simply goes over the existing tile, reducing dust and debris, leaving ceilings looking bright and new.

Specifications and Literature

Performance Attributes

Light Weight
No Dust or Debris
Smooth, White Finish


<ul> <li>Light Weight for easy handling and hauling</li> <li>Old ceiling tiles stay in place, saving up to 800 lbs in waste*</li> <li>Achieve the finish of a high-end ceiling tile at a fraction of the cost </li> <li>No debris or dust </li> </ul>


Perfect for commercial remodels, retail renovations, schools and universities, hospitality and many more. <br> <br> Recommended for lay-in tiles only.


Technical Information

Technical Properties

(Nominal Values)

Property Test Method Unit Specification Nominal Limitation
Lower Upper
Thickness ISO 9073 at 0.5 kpa mm 1.0 0.9 1.1
Air Porosity ISO 9237 at 100Pa l/m2/s 350 200 500
Weight ISO 536 g/m2 300 280 320
Light Reflection - - - >86% -
Whiteness - - 94.5 - -

Fire Performance

Surface Burning Characteristic Flame Spread Smoke Developed
ASTM E84 Index 25 or less Index 50 or less

Product Availability

This product is available in North America.
Bright&Up Ceiling Overlays are available in two sizes: 24” x 24” and 24” x 48”. Actual product sizes are 23.75” x 23.75” and 23.75” x 47.75”..


Ceiling overlaying are packaged in 256 SQF per box in both 2x2 and 2x4 sizes. The boxes are packaged individually or by the pallet. Pallets are stretch-wrapped for load stability and for protection during transport.


Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended to store glass fiber products in a cool, dry area. The packaging is not waterproof. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water. The product should be stored in its original packaging. The best storage conditions are temperatures between 40˚F and 90˚F and humidity 80% or less.


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