Fiberglas™ Rebar for Flatwork


PINKBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar for Flatwork


Leave the rust, weight, and price uncertainty of steel rebar behind. PINKBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar for Flatwork is a superior reinforcement material for concrete flatwork applications including parking lots, sidewalks, patios, pool decks and driveways.

Performance Attributes

Lower than the price of black steel
4x Lighter, easier to install
50% Labor Savings
2x Stronger

Technical Information

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Nominal Diameter Nominal Area f*fu Guaranteed Tensile Strength Ultimate Tensile Load Ef Tensile Modulus of Elasticity Ultimate Strain
Size mm in mm22 in22 MPa ksi kN kips GPa psi 106 %
3 10 71.26 0.110 827 120 58.72 13.20 46 6.7 1.79%
4 13 1/2 126.7 0.196 758 110 95.90 21.56 46 6.7 1.64%
5 16 197.9 0.307 724 105 143.41 32.24 46 6.7 1.57%

We reserve the right to make improvements in the product and/or process which may result in benefits or changes to some physical-mechanical characteristics. The data contained herein is considered representative of current production and is believed to be reliable and to represent the best available characterization of the product as of July 2011. Tensile tests per ASTM D7205.


PINKBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar for Flatwork is intended for slab on ground applications such as: parking slabs, drive-ways, sidewalks, agricultural flats, and Continuous Reinforcement Concrete Paving (CRCP) for streets. PINKBAR™ Fiberglas™ Rebar is not intended for use as reinforcement for high load-bearing applications: bridges, parking garages, foundation and basement walls, balconies, or CRCP for heavy state highways – in these instances, please use OwensCorning® Fiberglas™ Rebar.

Handling & Placement

Following guidelines in ACI440.5-08 “Specification for Construction with FRP Bars.” In general, field handling and placement is the same as for epoxy or galvanized steel bars. Do NOT shear FRP bars. When field cutting of FRP bars is necessary, use a fine blade saw, grinder, carborundum or diamond blade. Sealing the ends of FRP bars is not necessary. Support chairs are required at two-thirds the spacing of steel rebar. Plastic coated tie wire is the preferred option for most projects.


Owens Corning Fiberglass Rebar for Flatwork is bundled together into standard bundle sizes containing 20ft lengths. Protective paper wrapping is also available upon request.


Material certifications are available for any production lot of Owens Corning Fiberglass Rebar, traceable by bar marks imprinted on the bar in intervals showing the bar diameter, stock order and production date. Owens Corning Fiberglass for Flatwork is distinguished by a blue helical wrap.


Fiberglass Rebar for Flatwork should remain covered and protected from UV exposure until ready for use and placement.


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