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Fiberglass Rebar

Aslan™ 100 Fiberglass Rebar

Aslan™ 100 Fiberglass bar is made using a vinyl ester resin matrix with E-CR glass fibers. With 1/4 the weight of steel rebar, this product exceeds the requirements of ASTM D7957 Standard specifications for solid round glass fiber reinforced polymer bars for concrete reinforcing.

Fiberglass Rebar

Aslan® 600 Fiberglass Dowel Bar

Aslan® 600 Fiberglass Dowel Bars are used as a “Load Transfer” device between joints in concrete slabs. With 1/4 the weight of traditional steel dowels, they provide a mechanical connection between slabs but allow for horizontal contraction and expansion of the slab itself.

Fiberglass Rebar


Leave the rust, weight, and price uncertainty of steel rebar behind. PINKBARTM FiberglasTM Rebar for Flatwork is a superior reinforcement material for concrete flatwork applications including parking lots, sidewalks, patios, pool decks and driveways.


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