Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

The path to a flourishing employee includes our continued safety progress as well as advances in health and wellbeing. This work creates the opportunity for all our employees, and their families, to live to the fullest each day.

Owens Corning values the health and well-being of our employees and their families, and we have a big aspiration – for all our employees to be free of lifestyle-induced disease. That’s why we established the comprehensive Healthy Living platform. This organization-wide priority is an extension of our commitment to safety and the care of our employees, knowing that good health and well-being lead to safety at work and to enjoying life with our families and friends.

The Healthy Living program is based on regional leadership with support from the company through a wellness leadership council and incorporates six pillars: Know your Numbers (for preventive health), Healthy Mind, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Tobacco Free and Financial Wellness.

Health and Wellbeing

Since 2008, Owens Corning has offered different resources and incentives to motivate employees to reach their health goals. In 2014, we collaborated with the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), part of the Center for Health and the Global Environment based at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, to establish our global wellness baseline. Being further informed by employee feedback and information on what affects stress and wellbeing, we added the sixth pillar, Financial Wellness in 2016, expanded our commitment to all the pillars by creating aspiration teams led by key leaders, and established champions at all facilities for local program implementation, communication and education.

Connecting and creating a movement for well-being is supported by interactive tools provided such as Virgin Pulse, creating a community approach for daily education, tracking and incentives for healthy living. These tools were implemented starting 2017, to be global in 2018.

Our Healthy Living program started in the U.S., and we have increased engagement internationally, particularly at facilities in Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. All three regions created systems parallel to those in the U.S. to drive achievement in the six pillars. In the fourth quarter of 2017, all regions launched Healthy Living mobile app pilot programs. We will continue to develop our strategy for international rollout.

Learn more details in our 2017 Sustainability Report

Healthy Living Pillars

We aspire to enable all Owens Corning employees and their families to obtain their age-appropriate preventive health screenings and immunizations annually and understand the health consequences related to their personal biometric health numbers.

We aspire to help all Owens Corning employees enjoy meaningful work and life experiences in an environment that supports and inspires them. It’s everybody’s responsibility, especially our leaders, to foster a supportive and inspiring workplace.

We aspire to support all Owens Corning employees and their families in being active and taking action to counter the negative health consequences of low physical activity and lack of movement on and off the job.

We aspire to help employees and their families eliminate key health risks that result from poor nutritional education and unhealthy food choices.

We aspire to be a company that helps our employees lead tobacco-free lives.

We aspire to help our employees confidently manage their financial lives today while preparing for the future and dealing with the unexpected.


A distinguishing feature of Owens Corning’s commitment to safety, health and wellness is the leadership and successful collaborations with other leading companies and organizations in this area. We truly can learn and improve together. Owens Corning is a member of the Action Platform of the UN Global Compact “Health is Everyone’s Business”.