Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The path to a flourishing employee includes our continued safety progress as well as advances in health and wellness. This work creates the opportunity for all our employees, and their families, to live to the fullest each day.

Owens Corning has developed and implemented systems to ensure that occupational exposure potentials are recognized, understood and effectively mitigated in our global operations. Programmatically, this is achieved via a comprehensive and rigorous focus on exposure control and a classic approach to employee health surveillance screening where appropriate. As a result, there are no worker groups with high incidence of occupational disease.

Because of the success in occupational disease management, we’ve been able to focus on advancing and promoting our belief in the concept of “total worker health.” In contrast to our successful efforts in controlling/eliminating occupational disease, the relatively high prevalence of non-occupational disease threatens every employee within our global workforce. To address this burgeoning concern, we’ve created an integrated Wellness Program that is designed to enhance total worker health.

The Healthy Living program works to eliminate key health risks via sustainable programming within an employee-centric, caring model that attracts participation, creates a sense of well-being and enhances the workplace experience. We endeavor to leverage state of the art medical and behavioral science to develop and operate initiatives that will measurably improve the wellness of our employees and their families.

Since 2008, Owens Corning has offered different resources and incentives to motivate employees to reach their health goals. In 2014, we collaborated with the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), part of the Center for Health and the Global Environment based at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, to establish our global wellness baseline. The survey helped to point out needed areas of focus and expanded our global wellness work focused on Preventive Care, Healthy Mind, Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Tobacco-free. We incorporated feedback from the 33% of U.S. employee, both primary and salary, respondents into 2015 objectives.

In 2015, Owens Corning moved corporate medical to the sustainability organization to work hand in hand with programs on safety, workplace health and wellbeing and to help carry out our strategy of employee safety, health, engagement and community vitality.

Being further informed by employee feedback and information on what affects stress and wellbeing, we added a sixth pillar, financial health, and expanded our commitment to all the pillars by creating teams led by key leaders from around the globe, with representation from the businesses and corporate functional groups.

Teams will propose strategies and goals for their particular wellness pillar to the Wellness Leadership Council made up of eight senior leaders. The Wellness Leadership Council will integrate and prioritize solutions across each pillar and ensure the proper resourcing for the success and is also asking all sites to make a commitment to wellness by creating local wellness teams to drive health initiatives within their locations. We will deploy advanced measuring and monitoring strategies with tools and metrics designed to capture important aggregate clinical and behavioral outcomes that will be used in a management system construct to drive continuous program improvement.

Global Wellness Strategy

All Owens Corning employees and their families will obtain their age-appropriate preventive health screenings and immunizations annually, and understand the health consequences related to their personal biometric health numbers.

  • Have access to and obtain preventive examinations/screenings/immunizations consistent with age-appropriate preventive care guidelines
  • Know and understand the potential health consequences related to personal BMI, BP, Blood Glucose/A1C and Blood Lipid Profiles
  • Know their 10-year risk for stroke, heart disease and peripheral vascular disease (ASCVD)

All Owens Corning employees enjoy meaningful work and life in an environment that helps them flourish

  • Leaders foster a workplace that promotes, supports and improves the mental health of employees and their families.
  • Leaders collaborate across groups, influence, inspire and energize others to engage in learning to achieve shared goals and growth.
  • Our best kept secret of our success is passion; having passion with leading, with the people who do the work, with our products and with those who honor Owens Corning by using our work.

A company where our people live tobacco-free

  • All employees and their families are tobacco-free.
  • All of our sites around the world are tobacco-free

Eliminate key health risks to employees and their families that result from poor nutritional education and unhealthy food choices

  • All employees and their families will be educated about nutrition-related health risks
  • All employees have healthy food options available to them at their work site for a reasonable cost
  • We will limit unhealthy food options at our work sites

All Owens Corning employees and their families are educated and take action to counter the negative health consequences of low physical activity and lack of movement on and off the job

  • All employees and their families are educated about physical activity and movement related health risks
  • All employees have access to tools and resources that promote healthy activity and levels of daily movement

Proactively support our employees to confidently manage their financial life today, while preparing for the future and anything unexpected

  • All employees have access to financial planning tools, guidance and education that can be personalized to their needs and circumstances
  • Financial benefit communications for current plans are accessible, appropriate and meaningful
  • All employees have the opportunity to build short-term and long-term savings through our employee benefit offering.


A distinguishing feature of Owens Corning’s commitment to safety, health and wellness is the leadership and successful collaborations with other leading companies and organizations in this area. We truly can learn and improve together.