Owens Corning aspires to be a net positive company through strategic collaborations, intentional decision making, and effective corporate guidance.

Our Story

At Owens Corning, expanding our impact through sustainability is a core value and an essential element of our business. Our commitment to sustainability begins with the recognition that the foundation of a sustainable enterprise is built on financial strength, environmental stewardship, great and relevant products, innovative thinking and sustainable talent.

Company Profile

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Owens Corning is recognized as a leading global producer of insulation, roofing and fiberglass composites. Our team of 16,000 employees has earned many accolades for this work.


Owens Corning established its first set of 10-year footprint reduction goals in 2002. Having significantly reduced our environmental footprint by the end of 2010, we established a new set of footprint reduction goals for 2020. These new goals raised the bar on our commitment to sustainability and reflect an increasingly holistic approach that encompasses our environmental footprint, the attributes of our products, and our desire to affect change by partnering with our customers and suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions.

Being a good steward of the environment

The Owens Corning world headquarters has the single largest parking lot solar installation in the Midwest region of the United States.

Expanding our positive impact around the globe

Owens Corning Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Frank O'Brien-Bernini explains the Company’s use of science-based goal setting.