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Multi-End Roving



P204 multi-end roving represents a versatile solution for a wide range of Sheet Molding Compound applications, especially where reduced glass changeovers are needed when manufacturing multiple types of parts.


Performance Attributes

  • Efficient Processability

    Due to its outstanding impregnation and wet-out characteristics the product enables around 30% glass loading and thus reduced glass changeovers when making multiple parts with different end use requirement.

  • Excellent Part Surface Finish

    Designed for use with Low Shrink (LS) and Low Profile (LP) formulations enabling enhanced ‘Class-A’ surface aesthetics. <br> P204 can also be used in pigmentable applications.

  • Excellent Performance

    As a multi-functional solution, P204 provides excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability and enhanced design flexibility due to proprietary sizing.

  • Enhanced Service Life

    Advantex® glass helps fight corrosion, enhancing service life compared to standard E-glass.

  • Megadoff™ Multi End Roving – Decrease Splices And Increase Throughput

    Introducing MEGADOFF™ roving, a new doff option that increases the amount of glass from 40lbs in a typical doff to 1,939lbs. Increased doff weight eliminates doff-to-doff splices and improves the continuous flow of robotic and automated manufacturing lines. Zero doff transition also improves part quality and increases manufacturing throughput.


P204 product is designed to provide optimal performance in Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) transportation applications such as automotive ‘Class-A’ or structural parts. Also, it can be used for the manufacture of general purpose end-use products.

Automotive Class A - Structural parts


Technical Information


P204 is available worldwide.

Manufacturing Region Product/Doff Description External Ø MM (IN) Height MM (IN) Net Weight KG (LB)
Europe P204 2400/4800 Tex 290 260 19
North America P204 2400/4800 Tex 285(11.2)/350(13.7) 265(10.4) 19.9(43.8)/31(68.3)
Asia Pacific P204 2400/4800 Tex 280 265 18
Asia Pacific P204 2400/4800 Tex 290 260 19
North America MegaDoff™/4800 Tex 542 620 450

Technical Characteristics (Nominal Values)

Linear Weight Of Roving Yields (YDS/LB) Loss On Ignition (%) iso 1887: 1995
2400 207 1.20
4800 103 1.20

Packaging and Labeling

Each bobbin is protected by Tack-Pak™ plastic film. Please do not remove film during use. Creel-Pak™ packaging is available upon request.

Each bobbin has a self-adhesive identification label, showing the product reference and the production date. Each pallet has at least one identification label detailing the product reference, pallet net and gross weights, production date and pallet production code. The packaging system is designed to allow short term stacking of two pallets. When stacking two high, care should be taken to correctly and smoothly place the top pallet. It is recommended to use a plywood plate between the two pallets in order not to damage the lower pallet.

Manufacturing Region Product/DOFF Description Doff Ø (MM/IN) Pallet DIM LxWxH CM (IN) Layers Per Pallet Doffs Per Layer Number of Ends
Europe P204 2400/4800Tex 290 90 x 120 x 122 and 120 x 120 x 122 4 16/12 1 to 16 1,000/1,220
North America P204 2400/4800Tex 285 (11.2) 114 x 114 x 122 & 142 x 109 x 122 (44.9 x 44.9 x 48 & 55.9 x 42.9 x 48) 3/4 16/12 16/12 955 to 1,488 (2,105/3,280)
Asia Pacific P204 2400/4800Tex 280 115 x 115 x 95 3 16 1 to 16 864
Asia Pacific P204 2400/4800 Tex 290 113 x 113 x 120 3 16 2 800
North America MegaDoff™/4800 Tex 542 (45 x 45 x 30) 1 4 4 880 (1939)


It is recommended to store glass fiber products in a cool, dry area. The glass fiber products must remain in their original packaging material until the point of usage; the product should be stored in the workshop, within its original packaging, 48 hours prior to its utilization, to allow it to reach the workshop temperature condition and prevent condensation, especially during cold season. The packaging is not waterproof. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water. When stored properly, there is no known shelf life to the product, but retesting is advised after two years from the initial production date to insure optimum performance.


Regional Availability

P204 is available worldwide.


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