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Type 30 Roving

WindStrand® 2000

Optimized Design, High Performance

Windstrand® 2000 features a powerful combination of optimized design and reliability for longer, lighter blades. Windstrand® 2000 delivers high weaving efficiencies. The product allows blades to operate in extreme environments at reduced operating costs.

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Performance Attributes

Default checkmark REDUCED COSTS
Default checkmark LONGER BLADES
Default checkmark REDUCED WEIGHT
  • Applications

    Wind Blade Production Optimized design for wind turbines in all on-shore and off-shore locations

Technical Information

Technical Characteristics (Single-End Roving)

Product Offerings
Windstrand® 2000 Roving
Nominal Filament Ø Nominal Tex
(Glass+Sizing) g/km
Tex (g/km) % Solids
100 Tex 13μm 100 Tex (4961 yd/lb) 115 85 0.85 0.65 0.45
200 Tex 13μm 200 Tex (24801 yd/lb) 218 182 0.85 0.65 0.45
300 Tex 13μm 300 Tex (1654 yd/lb) 324 276 0.85 0.65 0.45
600 Tex 17μm 600 Tex (827 yd/lb) 645 555 0.67 0.55 0.43
1200 Tex 17μm 1200 Tex (413 yd/lb) 1290 1110 0.67 0.55 0.43
2400 Tex 17μm 2400 Tex (207 yd/lb) 2580 2220 0.67 0.55 0.43
2400 Tex 24μm 2400 Tex (207 yd/lb) 2580 2220 0.67 0.55 0.43
4800 Tex 24μm 4829 Tex (103 yd/lb) 5191 4467 0.75 0.60 0.43

Product Availability

We’re happy to offer Windstrand® 2000 in all regions.

Packaging (Standard Reference)

Rovings are available in a single-end internal-pull package. Each pallet weighs approximately 1 ton. Pallets are stretch wrapped for load stability. All doffs are wrapped with Tack-Pak™ for protection and to aid package run-out and transfer. Full doffs are approximately 20-21 kg (45 lb.) and they can be packaged in bulk or CreelPak™ format.

Standard Package:

  • Cylindrical bobbin without tube, Outside Diameter (OD) ±270mm, height 260-300mm.
  • Partial bobbins have smaller diameter.
  • Max bobbin weight approximately 21kg. 600 Tex and greater.
  • Bobbin covered by a Tack-Pack™ film.


  • Size: 1150x1150mm, 4 ways entry.
  • 16 bobbins (maxOD) per layer. Pallets are 3 to 4 tiers high.
  • Pallet is stretched-wrapped.


  • Bobbin label (each bobbin).
  • Four pallet labels, one on side of the pallet.


Glass fiber products must remain in the packaging material until just prior to use. It is recommended to bring material in the workshop place at least 24 hours prior to use. WindStrand® 2000 roving should be stored in a dry area with ambient temperature optimally from 8°C to 26°C and relative humidity 70% or less. To insure optimal performance, retesting is recommended for products stored more than two years from the initial production. The packaging system is designed to allow stacking of two pallets. When stacking two high, care should be taken to place the top pallet correctly and smoothly. Owens Corning is not responsible for any damage resulting from stacking pallets higher than two high.

Regional Availability

Windstrand® 2000 is available worldwide.


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