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Owens Corning® ProPink® Air Sealing Products Cost-Effective Air Sealing Solutions We'll Show You How >>

You can insulate to a higher standard for less

New products and technologies mean there are more choices than ever when it comes to insulating and air sealing your homes. Our building scientists study the big picture, turning raw data into real world solutions that make a material difference for your homes and business.

We can help evaluate the options to determine the right approach to insulating based on your actual building practices, climate zone and other factors.

Proven Solutions without Spray Foam

Why Choose ProPink® Air-Sealing Products?

Why Choose ProPink® Insulation Over Spray Foam?

Low Installation Costs

Our ProPink® products come to the job site ready to install, with no mixing or complicated equipment required. And because no special equipment is needed, the cost of entry is low.

Code Compliance

Our L77 blown-in fiberglass insulation installs dry and cleans up easy while exceeding high standards. What's more, we offer a wide range of air sealing solutions to meet your needs.


The ProPink® Solutions portfolio of products are safe to use plus fiberglass insulation is validated formaldehyde-free, which presents fewer risks and dangers to your trades. In fact, our system is safe to use, only minimal protective equipment is required.

Designed with the Environment in Mind

Owens Corning has a deep commitment to sustainability, reflected in both how our products are made and how we help installers and builders best apply them. ProPink® Fiberglas™ insulation batts are made from sand and recycled glass, with a bio-based binder and all fiberglass insulation is naturally non-combustible.


With decades of proven success on the job, Owens Corning is the brand professionals and homeowners know and trust. Whether your job calls for batts, blown-in fiberglass insulation, foam insulation flashing and joint tape, or continuous insulation, you can depend on solutions from the Owens Corning® product catalog.


A study by Home Innovations Research Labs proves what we have already known — fiberglass insulation stands the test of time. The latest research shows that aged fiberglass batt insulation maintains approximately 95.5% of the labeled R-Value in samples between 30–50 years of service.


Owens Corning brings expertise in marketing, sales, and building science. Whatever you're trying to accomplish, we are the right partner to make it happen.

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