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257 Ram Loop | Stokesdale, NC 27357
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Kim R of Durham, NC | 2020-10-23

It was a great experience from start to finish. They were very professional and organized.

Jeff W of Clemmons, NC | 2020-10-09

Skywalker Roofing was a really good company to work with. They showed up on time, got right to work and worked all the way through the job until it was done. I was very happy with their work!

Trish J of Mc Leansville, NC | 2020-10-07

Skywalker did a great job on my roof from start to finish. Very nice and professional staff. If I had to say anything negative would be double checking the clean up for nails. I found 6 in my driveway. Overall they did an outstanding job. They deserve more than a 5 star rating in my book.

Janice E of Eden, NC | 2020-10-06

Two of the guys have come back since finishing the job just to check and make sure we are totally satisfied. My husband and I were shocked to realize they would come back to check again after job completion. We are very well pleased. We have gotten excellent comments. People who know us drive past us on the main highway and tell us how much better our home looks! That is a big compliment to Skywalker Roofing!

Laura M of Colfax, NC | 2020-10-05

They were timely and professional, and they did a fantastic job on our house!

Nick S of Stoneville, NC | 2020-10-05

They showed up on time, they did a great job, very professional, the quality of the project was great! Everyone likes the job!

John T of Stoneville, NC | 2020-09-18

All of the individuals that were involved with the project were very professional and kept me up to date. The Scheduler (John Stanley) kept me up to date on schedule changes and communicated with me about the weather conditions and scheduling of my project. Once the date for the project was agreed upon things went smoothly.

Jason R of Stokesdale, NC | 2020-09-10

Skywalker Roofing did an amazing job, start to finish. When our estimator, Brian, first came to our home to meet with us and give us an estimate, he went up on our roof and did an extremely thorough inspection, including pictures. He then sat down with us, showed us all that he found, clearly explained all work that was needed, and gave very knowledgeable insight to the materials and process. Brian continued to check in with us throughout the rest of the project, going above and beyond to assist us with any needs. On project day, the work crew showed up right on time, got straight to work, and powered through to complete the entire job in one day. They worked so quickly and diligently even though the weather was quite oppressive. They were so kind and patient as we had to go in and out several times. Travis took time before he left to check with me about how everything looked - the roof and the cleanup. From our standpoint, all went very well.

Shelby M of Providence, NC | 2020-09-08

We are extremely satisfied with all the hard work and professionalism of the crew. We love how our project turned out.

Chandra T of Oak Ridge, NC | 2020-09-07

Great roofing contractor company. I highly recommend them.

Carlton G of High Point, NC | 2020-09-04

My neighbors have all said my roof loooks great. I love the way it matches my shutters also.

Nancy H of Fancy Gap, VA | 2020-08-14

Skywalker exceeded my expectations. Barry Slaughter, in particular, deserves recognition.

William B of Greensboro, NC | 2020-08-13

The roofing part of our remodeling was next to perfection. The crew was very professional and friendly, clean and ready to complete the job. Our family appreciates the hard work they put in too doing our roof.

John D of Meadows Dan, VA | 2020-08-12

I highly recommend Skywalker roofing . The work crew was very professional and did an excellent job, and also dealing with the office personnel was simple and easy . Thank you Skywalker roofing

Joyce S of Reidsville, NC | 2020-08-06

Everything from beginning to end was great. Skywalker Roofing answered any questions I had. They exceeded my expectations.

Linda & Roger S of Walnut Cove, NC | 2020-08-05

Skywalker Roofing crew put our new roof on in 94 degree weather. They did an excellent job on the roof and the clean up. These guys are hard workers, they did our roof in one day. I highly recommend them. If you need a new roof on your home, call Skywalker Roofing.

Tony H of Winston Salem, NC | 2020-08-04

They are the best that I've seen. I've already mentioned Skywalker to a couple of people, and one person even came by to ask about my new roof. I'm very pleased with the work they did, their personnel and representatives, and if I know of anyone that needs a new roof, Skywalker will be the company that I recommend.

Robert M of Kittrell, NC | 2020-07-30

The team at Skywalder Roofing is exactly that; A TEAM! From the teammember that did the estimate to the team member that scheduled the installation to the installation team to the office personnel, they all have the same high work ethos, they are all on the "same page" and did they all did exactly what they said they would do! I plan to have them install a new roof on my other house in the next few years. Now that I have experienced Skywalker Roofing, I wouldn't have anyone else do it!

Jack H of Asheboro, NC | 2020-07-23

They were on time and very professional. They did a wonderful job!

Fred K of Statesville, NC | 2020-07-13

Overall the salesperson was very knowledgeable., he came prepared to answer questions and brought along materials to look at. After getting everything set up and completed we were very satisfied with the completed project.

Joseph B of Asheboro, NC | 2020-07-13

I only had two issues, I found some nails in my driveway. The other issue was the installers broke one rose bush, however, I didn't realize until afterward. Other than that, I really didn't have any other issues. They did a great job from what I can tell.

Frank H of Rocky Mount, VA | 2020-07-09

I left an online request for an estimate on a Friday night. I received a phone call the next day, and there not even open on Saturday! They told me they were going to do my roof on a Monday. All of the materials were delivered on the previous Friday. They were on the ball and ready to go. When I got home from work on that Monday, they were done with the roof and cleaning up. They did an exceptional job on the roof and left absolutely no trash. "VERY" professional.

Ronald M of Archdale, NC | 2020-07-08

Very Professional All The Way. I had 3 different bids on my house for a new roof. Skywalker came out the first time and spent over an hour with my wife and I going over ALL the details and warranties. Very impressed from the start. The other 2 bids were lower in price BUT did Not have the warranty and professionalism that Skywalker did. I would strongly recommend to anyone.

H.E. N of Stuart, VA | 2020-07-07

They were professional, polite, and I highly recommend them.

Terry H of Stokesdale, NC | 2020-06-24

My new roofing project with Skywalker Roofing was absolutely seamless from start to finish. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly, professional and more than knowledgeable about roofing and my new OwensCorning shingles. A new change from Weathered Wood to Driftwood was suggested to me as an enhancement to our brick home. Our new roof is stunning! We have received dozens of compliments and our new curb appeal is the envy of the neighborhood. Thanks again Skywalker! Sincerely Terry Howard

Greg S of Thomasville, NC | 2020-06-23

We were very satisfied with the work, and the level of professionalism.

Leslie G of Stokesdale, NC | 2020-06-18

Skywalker Roofing did a great job! They didn't play around, job was done and completed in 1 day.

Gerald N of Mebane, NC | 2020-06-17

Overall experience was phenomenal!

Rex G of High Point, NC | 2020-06-14

The finished job is beautiful and the product used will most likely enhance the life of our roof far beyond our life time.The workers were knowledgeable, fast and efficient, once finished they did an excellent job gathering up trash and nails. We highly recommend the service and the product used.

John R of High Point, NC | 2020-06-12

If you want top quality repair for your home, go with Skywalker Roofing! If you just want your home repaired then just choose anybody. I highly recommend Skywalker Roofing for exterior repair and upgrades to your home! My home was kind of run down within the exterior. I had a damaged roof with missing shingles and fascia and damaged siding. The doors and windows of the home were also installed or repaired incorrectly by previous owners, water leaked in from under the living room door (the new door installation by Skywalker stopped the leak!). I noticed a few of these damages when I first moved in the home. I decided I will keep the home and make it the best home I can make it! I searched the internet and found Skywalker Roofing through Google. At the time, they had mainly positive reviews with a few negative ones. I decided to go with them, though they are not the most affordable and I'm so glad I did! At first, I thought Skywalker Roofing only did roofing until I chatted with them. Then I found out that Skywalker Roofing not only specializes in roofing, but also siding, windows, doors, gutters and just about everything as far as exterior home repair! Skywalker Roofing is not cheap because they are not cheap! The Skywalker Roofing Crew takes pride in their work in a timely manner and that's what I admire the most about them (they enjoy what they do!). I didn't stand over them watching them like a hawk (though I did observe once in a while). I gave them some breathing room and noticed how collaborating and professional they were with each other while they took their time and worked on my home! My home needed new siding, a new roof, new windows, new doors and new gutters. The new roof took them only a day! The remaining took about 5 days. Completion time may vary depending upon your home type also when your parts arrive after being shipped from whatever location. What I'm saying here is, when it comes to having your home renovated you don't want your repair crew to rush. You want them to take their time and properly get it right the first time (that's part of where the good quality falls in)! Before the Skywalker Roofing Crew started making repairs to my home they took a day ahead of schedule to fully examine my home, taking notes, making measurements and etc. In addition to the great quality you get from Skywalker Roofing. I would also like to add that communication with these guys is top notch! They are very eager to answer all of my questions at anytime. They are very respectful and they care about what the customer wants while offering their personal suggestions as well. They also came to my home ahead of schedule and showed me my options of the colors of the shingles, siding, corner siding posts, fascia, soffitt and gutters. The Skywalker Crew also showed me my options of the doors. The Skywalker Crew didn't just install shingles on my roof, they added a pad of extra protection underneath (they did the same for the siding)! One of the Skywalker Crewmen also suggested I purchase a new doorbell and external light fixtures (they installed them as well)! In addition, the Skywalker Crew framed my windows and doors with the darker siding trimming for and even more distinguished look (as you can see in the photo)! Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome and new look of the home! People all over the neighborhood asking about the home and saying how nice it looks while real estate agents wanting to buy the home! Could I have went with a different company? Of course, but somehow I doubt the outcome would have been this decent!

Stormy G of Summerfield, NC | 2020-06-12

We enjoyed our experience with Skywalker Roofing from the time our first appointment was scheduled until the job was completed. All went smoothly and there were no delays. Everyone from office employees to crew employees were very helpful and friendly....willing to please. Hats off to all of you, for I have dealt with many different companies for different projects but I give credit where credit is due and this was the best experience I have every encountered with any company to date. Thank you for our beautiful roof and gutters.

Jim S of Mebane, NC | 2020-06-03

I am very pleased at the work of Skywalker Roofing. The job was done very professionally, on time and the staff members were incredible to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a new roof!

Bill B of Axton, VA | 2020-05-19

I was very impressed that everything was finished in one day, I expected it to take 2-4 days. They showed up around 9 or 9:30 am and by 5 pm they were completely finished including clean up. It was really convenient for us to not have to take extra time out of our schedule. They did an excellent job.

Gambo A of Broadway, NC | 2020-05-09

They were professional, did a great job and I would refer them to anyone that needs a roof done.

Richard W of High Point, NC | 2020-05-09

I was extremely satisfied and would recommend them to anybody.

John L of Vinton, VA | 2020-05-09

I was very impressed with the quality of workmanship. They were always working.

Dan S of Summerfield, NC | 2020-05-07

Skywalker roofing did a quick, clean, and quality job replacing our roof. I feel we received quality materials and workmanship for our money. I would recommend Skywalker to anyone needing a roof replacement.

William W of Eden, NC | 2020-05-07

Great job and on time.

Richard A of Summerfield, NC | 2020-05-02

Barry at Skywalker roofing was good at solving the problems we had when we had problems with one worker who did not lay the shingles down he would throw them down on the roof and had every light shaking and even broke 2 lights that i had to fix back by luck. Skywalker called and asked me how much it would cost to repair the lights or replace the lights and i told them i had fixed the lights.He kept asking how much they owed me for fixing the lights i kept telling him nothing.

Dianna W of Lewisville, NC | 2020-04-17

So happy we went with Skywalker- couldn't be happier with the product and the quality of work.

Brenda B of Winston Salem, NC | 2020-04-03

When they first came out, they did a video presentation of the roof before the product. I wanted to see a video after the finished product and they could not produce that.

Debbie H of High Point, NC | 2020-03-30

We are very pleased with the work Skywalker Roofing did. There was never a hard sell approach from Skywalker Roofing. They simply gave us all the information concerning what we needed and the materials they would use and left us plenty of time to decide. They had a large crew who showed up on time and stayed until the job was finished and the job site was cleaned up. Every time I needed to contact someone at Skywalker they were friendly and responsive. We are very happy with our decision to have Skywalker Roofing replace our roof.

Jacquie K of Pittsboro, NC | 2020-03-27

Outstanding in every respect!

Charles W of Lexington, NC | 2020-03-24

The whole crew was very professional and courteous. From the time I called to get an estimate to the time they finished the project, I was very well pleased.

Betty R of Axton, VA | 2020-03-24

They were an extremely kind and friendly staff, the listened to my concerns and my needs.

Seth H of Martinsville, VA | 2020-03-24

Skywalker Roofing is an amazing team that gives you that local business feel with amazing professionalism and workmanship that exceeds all expectations. My family and I looked at several companies to replace our roof, but ultimately decided to go with Skywalker Roofing due to their professionalism, knowledge, quality of materials, and timeliness. Our entire roof was stripped and replaced in one whole day with an extremely efficient crew. It was truly like magic watching this team work. They were not only good at what they did, but they are amazing people who interacted with our children and patiently entertained our many questions. Also, the day they were replacing our roof something really stuck out to me. Since they were working on a Saturday, Brandon (the person we worked with to finalize everything) brought food up for everyone. To me this showed a sincere appreciation for not only their customers, but their team as well.

Michael O of Greensboro, NC | 2020-03-24

In a day and time when good service is hard to find, Skywalker delivered. Skywalker will more than likely be higher than the competition and to be honest, will be the most expensive. That being said, the quality of the product and the level of the service made me forget about the price. Not only would I use them again, I am recommending them to friends who are in the market for a new roof.

Taylor P of Stoneville, NC | 2020-03-24

I think Skywalker does a very prifessional job with quality materials and workmanship

Gwen P of Madison, NC | 2020-03-12

Very professional and neat with their work.

Rick S of Greensboro, NC | 2020-02-20

very satisfied

Mark B of Martinsville, VA | 2020-02-05

Fast and professional! Well worth the money to have all your work done by a crew that knows what they are doing vs a handyman or two doing things at their pace. Should be set now for years to come.

Thomas Q of Rural Hall, NC | 2020-01-30

They made getting a new roof very easy.

Josh R of Roanoke, VA | 2020-01-16

From the first contact and initial assessment to the finishing of my project (roof and gutters), the team at Skywalker were friendly, knowledgable and never late. I have worked with a number of contractors for various things and wish they had a 10th of the level of professionalism that these guys have! What a great experience. If I had 50 houses I'd buy 50 roofs from them.

Scott B of Winston Salem, NC | 2019-12-10

This was the first time I have ever had to perform a major home repair and the OUTSTANDING folks at Skywalker made it painless and seamless. From our inspector/sales rep Lupo, to Jennifer and Amy in the office, John our scheduler, and Adam and the install crew, they were friendly and professional from start to finish. The roof looks awesome and they didn’t mind us watching. Adam explained things as they went since we are amateur DIY’ers and were genuinely curious. Thank you Skywalker Roofing for doing a great job! Thank you also for what you do in our communities for those less fortunate! Your community outreach played a large part in me eagerly giving you my business.

Nancy M of Tobaccoville, NC | 2019-11-25

They were all very professional and did a great job. We have no complaints. They did what they said they were going to do.

Allen K of Stuart, VA | 2019-11-14

In a world where contractors say "I'll be there" and never show up, this company is a breath of fresh air! They came when they said they would, were very informative, offered financing options, and did the work quickly and timely. You really cannot ask for more than that!

Susan T & Annie M of Pelham, NC | 2019-11-12

I think they did a really good job. I am pleased with them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Randy K of Trinity, NC | 2019-10-30

The entire experience was first rate in every way. Thank you so much!

Gary M of Pilot Mtn, NC | 2019-10-28

I highly recommend Skywalker Roofing for the asphalt shingles. They did a fantastic job and did my 4,000 square ft house in one day, which is amazing!

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