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Blue Bison Construction

5917 Putnam Ave | 2nd Floor | Ridgewood, NY 11385
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Blue Bison Construction is dedicated to a higher quality in roofing, remodeling and design-build services in New York. Our pursuit to setting a higher standard of quality is a daily commitment and a deliberate focus that we attribute to our clients’ satisfaction. Everything, from our initial meeting to the completion your project, our dedication to quality in everything we do is why we stand out from other companies. That’s Blue Bison different! Listen attentively before suggestions are made. It’s your vision, and we understand no one knows more about what you want than you. That’s distinctly different! Our priority is to completely understand your vision so we able to design and build it, utilizing our experience, expertise, and craftsmanship for you to realize and enjoy your vision for many years to come. Desire for your questions. We know that some of our clients have minimal or no experience with residential or commercial renovations and remodeling. On the other hand, we’re aware that some clients have significant knowledge and hands on experience with our industry. Regardless of the extent of your experience, we encourage all our clients to ask questions. Clear and consistent communication is an important part of any project and full transparency being equally important. Focusing on clients, not materials. Our clients have wants, needs, goals and a Vision for their project. Our client’s inspiration has never been the roofing underlayment or header beams. It’s their Vision of what memories will be made in their new kitchen. Or their Vision of the first time they host the entire family this holiday in their remodeled family room. Or perhaps it is the Vision of many family barbeques taking place on their backyard paver patio. We appreciate and honored to be a part of that. There’s no greater satisfaction for us than knowing we had a role in bringing the imagination to life and that is why we genuinely love what we do. Commitments we make, are kept no matter what. When we say we will do something, it will be done. We never make promises that can’t be kept do what we say we’ll do, for the amount we say we’ll do it for. You will never encounter any bait and switch tactics or excuses for price games. Mission & Philosophy Your Vision is Our Mission – Our priority is to completely understand your vision so we’re able to design and build it, utilizing our experience, expertise, and quality craftsmanship required to realize your vision and enjoy it for many years to come. Dedication to Quality – We listen. We’re attentive. We’re detail-oriented. We’re on budget, on time, and reliable. We’re proud of our ethics in the marketplace and strive to continue to set a higher service standard in the industry. Our Approach At Blue Bison we follow a customer-based approach. We begin with a consultation to thoroughly discuss your needs, wants, expectations and what’s most important to your family about the project. After we fully understand your vision of the project, a detailed inspection is performed to prepare an accurate scope of work. This helps us evaluate and eliminate any potential problems that can lower the aesthetic appearance or damage the structural integrity of your home. Our team understands your requirements and the changes you will like to see in terms of design and functionality. Based on our site evaluation and your requirements, we provide you customized solutions that best suit your situation. A member of our team and will then sit with you to discuss your project. We share ideas, discuss your goals, budget and timeline. Each project is planned and completed in strict accordance with your city’s building codes. We use the best industry practices and the highest quality products by the leading manufacturers. Our trained professionals make sure that all products are installed flawlessly. At Blue Bison Construction your satisfaction is our top priority and we are willing to go great lengths to ensure you are fully-satisfied. For your peace of mind and complete satisfaction, we involve you in the remodeling process, keep you informed and back up all our work with the best warranties. Our History There have been many changes since 2010 when Blue Bison Construction began proudly serving our clients. From economic malaise, a technological revolution, health care to super storms devastating local communities. Founded as a construction management and design company, Blue Bison experience change as well with growth and expansion. Today Blue Bison specializes in roofing, remodeling and design-build services for both residential and commercial properties. Our changes resulted from satisfied client’s requesting construction services in addition to designing and managing their projects. These changes of growth and expansion since 2010 were only possible by ensuring two key things never change. Making our mission to fully understand your vision so you’re able to realize and enjoy its comforts and conveniences for many years to come. Our commitment to provide quality craftsmanship utilizing only premium grade building materials with clear and consistent communication. Sustainability Focus As an Energy Star partner, we’re proud to offer highly energy-efficient products that will lower your energy costs while reducing harmful environmental impact. Making Our Mission to deliver Your Vision into reality!