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Transform SR Home Improvement Products

589 Ratings
1024 Florida Central Pkwy | Longwood, FL 32750
(407) 551-6000
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81% Value Received
75% Likely To Recommend
76% Communication
86% Quality Of Workmanship

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JAMES P of Newton, IA | 2020-09-14

My neighbor was impressed with the work they did for me, but we had difficulties trying to get in touch with the company to come provide an estimate for his roof.

DAVID R of Lakewood, CA | 2020-09-10

I was most satisfied with their timeliness.

HATTIE H of Bear Creek, NC | 2020-09-07

Everything was professional and timely.

DOROTHY J of Jackson, MS | 2020-09-07

The materials are great. But you have to keep calling them and you can not get through to the right person. I have called and emailed them with pictures. They finally came out but it still has not stopped. I called last week and no one has called me back. They are not professional. I do not understand.

Heidi B of Wrightwood, CA | 2020-08-29

The installation was done in a very professional way by Advanced Roofing Systems, Inc. Carlos Costillo, the person in charge was very helpful and we are happy with him and the crew he sent. We have serious problems with TRANSFORM. The estimate showed material not used, but it was a long fight to get some credit and the settlement is still pending after more than two month. They sneaked in a HOME WARRANTY for $ 840.00 in a roofing job?? So far, we did not get a documentation that it was removed and they refuse to give a detailed acconting for actual material used and labor. We asked for it several times, but it was refused so far.

GREGORY H of Tacoma, WA | 2020-08-28

I am just simply thrilled with the work that was done. The ridgeline they installed has made a tremendous difference on the attic as well!

CHARLES M of Rockaway Park, NY | 2020-08-25

Very professional. I am 110% satisfied with the materials and the workers.

DAVID B of Wildomar, CA | 2020-08-21

One thing I was not expecting was this horrible heat wave we had .They put six vents in the roof and with all your wondeful materials, our home has stayed a lot cooler than it did last year at this time. I can already tell it has made a big difference.

JERRY B of Old Saybrook, CT | 2020-08-19

Use comments at #5 above, if you wish

LUISA T of Queens Vlg, NY | 2020-08-11

Everything was ok and I am happy with it.

DAVID M of Salem, WI | 2020-08-11

They have insufficient follow up after completed work.

CLAUDIA S of Richmond, VA | 2020-08-08

The contractors they hired did not do a good job, the company tried to do the best they could but it was not a good experience.

FRANCISCO P of Santa Rosa, CA | 2020-08-07

I want the company to come out and do my job correctly. If they don't come back and finish the job they are very shady and cheap.

STEPHANIE P of Milwaukee, WI | 2020-08-06

I love the shingles but I am dissatisfied with the overall work.

SANDRA R of Kansas City, MO | 2020-08-06

From start to finish my interaction with staff was professional. Crew showed up on time, they finished and they moved on. They came to do a job, they did it, moved on and I have a new roof.

ROBERT S of Milwaukee, WI | 2020-08-06

People need to do further research before choosing a company. I would recommend them as a last resort.

SHANTAVIA J of Milwaukee, WI | 2020-08-05

They have great service, quality, and professional work. I would recommend them to anyone.

NADINE R of Dripping Spgs, TX | 2020-08-05

The shingles look durable and nicely match the house. I am happy with them. Installers were very professional.

CARMENCITA & SHUICHI O of San Bruno, CA | 2020-08-05

Agent is so helpful.

LORI R of Grand Rapids, MI | 2020-08-02

While the roof looks beautiful, there is still a missing cap on the roofline with no resolution for 2+ months. All of the bushes in my front yard are now dead due to shingles laying on top of them. Multiple flowers were trampled and broken, likely never coming back to life. I'm still removing nails from the area 2+ months later.

BARBARA C of Salem, IL | 2020-07-29

The roofers were fine. I had siding and heating done at the same time and they were horrible.

Alejandro C of Littleton, NC | 2020-07-29

They said they have insurance, but they never sent me any papers regarding the insurance.

ALVARO & Beatriz M of Oakland, CA | 2020-07-27

The product was high quality. In the workmanship, they gave very much attention to detail. They were very easy to work with, and I thoroughly enjoyed the results.

CHRISTINE K of Two Rivers, WI | 2020-07-23

The crews that performed the jobs to be done were very professional, it was amazing to see how well the guys all worked in unison to get the job done. We had our garage roof done, new gutters and 4 new windows installed. They all worked very fast and very good.

VELMA H of Chicago, IL | 2020-07-23

Transform is not following up on the issues that I have addressed with them. I am still waiting on them to do that and it has been over a month.

LONNIE W of Memphis, TN | 2020-07-23

Transform needs to keep up the great work.

JACK S of Goldsboro, NC | 2020-07-23

Everything went essentially well. There may have been something that didn't happen but as soon as I made a call it was done. I have never put a roof on before and I was just astoudned at what I got. They just did a great job and I was amazed. That is why they got a top rating, that is what they do.

CORNELIUS H of Boonsboro, MD | 2020-07-22

They did a real good job on putting the roof on and cleaning up the job

PENNY S of Mountlake Ter, WA | 2020-07-21

i was very happy with the work

MARIA B of Clearlake Oks, CA | 2020-07-10

Unprofessional, remote operation no oversight of workmanship, the whole job was subcontracted out. The subcontractor seemed to have hired all illegal undocumented workers; not one had journeyman certification and only one spoke a little English. Hard to communicate with Transform plus the subcontractor came for 5 minutes then left for the day. No explanation was to me; the subcontractor made decisions to short my materials and left substandard work on my roof. Without oversight by Transform and no communication with me the roof looks like amateur but most important they left a dangerously soft "squishy" roof. Horrible experience.

EDWIN C of Clanton, AL | 2020-07-07

They were very professional and completed the project in a timely manner.

FELICIA I of Atlanta, GA | 2020-07-07

Everything was excellent the customer service and initial meeting with Mr. Robinson was very professional. Everything was in order the way he explained it. I had some communication issues with the project manager, but we were able to straighten that out and it went well. I have already referred them to some neighbors that were admiring the roof. Overall I thought the money I paid was well spent.

SUZANNE L of Greenbackvile, VA | 2020-07-07

Just be aware of who the contractor is, and if they do not show up pound the company with a phone call and call the Better Business Bureau.

JENNY M of Brooklyn, MI | 2020-07-06

We had to replace the entire sheeting on the roof. due to not being done right the first time. We got an excellent job

MICHAEL R of Baton Rouge, LA | 2020-07-06

Given that Transform outsourced a crew, I will give them a pass. I don't know how proficient Transform's crew is with roof installations. However, William Walker, who set up my services, was very pleasant to work with.

KIMBERLY W of Rougemont, NC | 2020-07-06

Everyone we dealt with was professional and prompt. The sales person was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly and answered our questions in a way we could easily understand. The installation crews were very efficient.

RON M of Gridley, CA | 2020-07-03

They were very courteous and did quite a good job. I am very pleased. They cleaned up well afterwards.

PAULA R of Woodland Hls, CA | 2020-07-03

I love my new roof. It is beautiful and I already notice a difference with the cool roof shingles and new attic ventilation design - my house stays cooler.

ELYDIA M of Cloverdale, CA | 2020-06-29

The roof looks beautiful. They were professional and answered all of my questions. They brought any issues that needed to be addressed to my attention. They were very professional.

LINDA W of Seattle, WA | 2020-06-29

I am really happy with the work that they did.

SHIRLEY N of Magnolia, MS | 2020-06-27

roof leaking

JIMMIE R of North Bend, OR | 2020-06-26

Very pleased with outcome.

RACHEL K of Lexington, SC | 2020-06-26

Horrible craftsmanship. Pretty sure the wrong roofing material was put on. NO ONE WILL CONTACT ME AND WILL BE SEEKING representation if not resolved by next week.

TERRY T of Cleburne, TX | 2020-06-23

Everything was great and they handled it professionally.

ANNA G of Deland, FL | 2020-06-23

I think overall it was a good job. They did go beyond the scope of work. They discovered an issue that was under the roof and made sure to fix it properly.

CLYDE J of Teachey, NC | 2020-06-23

Transform SR Home Improvement Products was very professional. They did an excellent job and completed the job promptly. They did a very good job. Thank you!

VERNON M of Brighton, TN | 2020-06-23

They were on time and worked hard until the completion of the project. They got the job finished in one day!

BRIAN B of Bethpage, NY | 2020-06-22

I was impressed with the quality of workmanship from the salesman, project leader and of course the folks doing the work. Then was impressed with the commitment to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend Transform.

Linda W of Newark, NJ | 2020-06-19

I would like to commend the sales department and the installation staff. They were very professional and knowledgeable.

Lawrence I of KALAMA, WA | 2020-06-17

They should get the honesty of the person that is going to be a salesman.

ROBERT F of Pawtucket, RI | 2020-06-16

I was very satisfied with the job.

SADIE T of Kansas City, MO | 2020-06-16

They had enough people to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. They left the job site clean.

EARL S of Burlington, WA | 2020-06-15

Overall I am very satisfied with the job.

DAN M of Spokane, WA | 2020-06-15

Thank you.

David C of Orem, UT | 2020-06-06

The flashing is now separated from the chimney (was not before they began). I have tried since 5.18.2020 to e-mail and contact Sears to get this resolved. The first time I worked with the SR Home improvement salesmen-that's when I found out they were furloughed. Then I got the contract/paperwork out and started contacting and have NEVER received a response. I am NOT a happy customer. Don't know if I should start hitting social media with this issue or what.

Bobbie M of Wilbraham, MA | 2020-06-05

They were very professional and the work was outstanding.

Robert S of Decatur, GA | 2020-06-03

They did a great job.

Michael C of Blackwood, NJ | 2020-06-02

Transform SR Home Improvements is the most efficient, organized, professional group of people I have ever worked with. The area around my house was cleaner after they left then when they arrived. I will never do another project around my house without contacting Transform SR Home Improvement, FIRST!

Brian F of Urbandale, IA | 2020-05-29

We did have a very hard rain storm and I heard a little dripping. Whether it has to do with the roof or not I am not sure.

Kim M of Alvin, TX | 2020-05-29

Transform SR Home Improvement Products provided excellent service.

TONI R of Woodbridge, VA | 2020-05-21

there was three companies or crews that worked on my roof the crew that installed the shingles did an outstanding job .the crew that did the facia and sofit didn't do good job on one of the corners of my house it could have been fixed easily by replacing 2 pieces of wood or positioning better they kept telling me they were going to fix it and it it never happend nowit is coverd and the cover is off nobody has come to fix it even after my complaints.tne crew that put the gutters broke a cover where the down spout goes into the ground never mentioned nor offerd to replace it or come back and fix it besides that their gutter work is beautiful

Cheryl J of Belleville, MI | 2020-05-18

I was happy to get a new roof.

Fred H of Austin, TX | 2020-05-18

I am not happy with them. I was unfairly dealt with on two of the three projects done by them.

Anthony L of Princeton, NJ | 2020-05-17

The installation was done very well indeed. The quality of Owens-Corning Duration shingles appears to be very good. The salesman was very good. We had problems with the management at the NJ office.

Yvonne A of Oakland, CA | 2020-05-15

I'm very happy with my beautiful cool roof by Transform SR Home Improvements. My project consultant Mr. Mark Jonson introduced me to the energy-efficient roof with good quality material. I was surprised by the outcome of the entire project from start to finish. This project only took three days to finish as promised. The demolition crew was awesome. It took them one day to strip the roof of the old shingles and gutters and then cleaned up afterward. On the second day, the new materials were shipped out and installed. And on the third day, the gutters were beautifully crafted and installed on site. It is amazing how beautiful my home looks now.

Lynda W of Stone Mtn, GA | 2020-05-14

We are very pleased with our new roof. The workers were professional, did a great job, and cleaned up our yard and other areas where the old roof materials fell. They were efficient. We will recommend the team and the company to anyone looking for a quality roof.

Driscoll J of Maxton, NC | 2020-05-08

I would highly recommend them.

Steven M of Vacaville, CA | 2020-05-07

They did arrive on time and cleared the whole roof off in one day. The replacement of the roof took a bit longer because it was only one person working the roof 3 of the 4 days.

Steven S of Northfield, OH | 2020-05-04

There is no way that I would recommend the company right now. At this point, if we go another week without someone returning our calls then I will be contacting lawyers.

Barbara P of Locust Grove, GA | 2020-04-30

This did exceptional work, was courteous and friendly.

Burnie D of Woods Cross, UT | 2020-04-30

I have already recommended Transform SR with coworkers.

Julian F of Lansdowne, PA | 2020-04-28

They were professional very detailed. They explained the process before starting my project and after my installation was complete the lead installer came back out and explained what was done. They were very thorough They were excellent. They were hands-on.

Henry V of Hoffman Estates, IL | 2020-04-25

We've been satisfied with working with Transform SR Home Improvements Products and i'll continue to use them again.

Mabel T of Newark, NJ | 2020-04-25

I really appreciate the work that they did. They were professional and did a great job, they were a good group of people.

Rick H of Trenton, OH | 2020-04-25

They did excellent work.

Kevin S of Lincoln Park, NJ | 2020-04-25

Steve was very informative, professional, and prompt.

Daniel P of Oroville, CA | 2020-04-24

We are very pleased with the quality of the Dow Corning roof shingles and the contractor (1NDONE) that installed the roof. The contractor answered my questions honestly and was receptive to my queries about what and why they were doing certain things. My experience with Transform SR Home Improvement was not as good. They gave me a date of 6-7 weeks to complete the job and when that time came and went, I called them and they said I was 3rd in the queue and it would be the next Friday. When that came and went, I called again and I basically got the same answer over again, next Friday. Now I totally understand that there are going to be delays on any job, but they never once had the courtesy to call back and reschedule. After the completion we had a disagreement about the work, which was quoted to us during the sale, that was not completed and we were not happy about. I must give credit to the manager at Transform SR, he was able to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. Our roof was completed in about 13 weeks, at which time we were to receive a credit to Sears for $250.00 from Transform SR, but we never received it even after my many calls to them so I just gave up.

Jane A of Pooler, GA | 2020-04-21

The project manager ad his staff were very professional, very polite, and they got the job done. I was very appreciative and I am very happy with the outcome.

Susan S of Fairfax, VA | 2020-04-20

I highly do not recommend this company. I believe they hired a substandard contractor to do our work.

Tommy C of Houma, LA | 2020-04-20

They showed up on time and did a great job.

Mary R of Tampa, FL | 2020-04-18

It was done professionally and correctly. They were very knowledgeable about what they were doing.

Doris C of Springfield, MO | 2020-04-17

every thing was pretty good except for the fact that there were nails in our garage and we are still picking them up

James S of Union, MO | 2020-04-17

People running the job never were timely. The dumpster was 4 hours early.They were supposed to move it at 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.The dumpster arrived at 7:00 Am to 7:30 AM. We did not have time to remove our carsAnd that would have been ok after talking to the supervisor. He informed me that they would remove the dumpster that evening.That did not happen. For Sunday we had to move the dumpster In order to go to church. We moved the dumpster out so we could get her car out. The only way to do that was with a fork truck. The wheel did not turn digging into our gravel concrete driveway. That increased the damage of our driveway. We need to be compensated for the damages.

Audrey L of Dimondale, MI | 2020-04-17

The salesman was professional. The crew was very timely, organized and respectful. They did an excellent job of protecting decks, windows and flower beds.

Mamadou S of Raleigh, NC | 2020-04-07

I am satisfied with the job and they did a great job.

Franklin M of Nuevo, CA | 2020-04-07

The workmanship was very good and the spirit of the company was very good but once we went into the insurance claim that's where things fell apart with inter-department communication. The first person that was working our insurance claim dropped the ball. The second person that got our insurance claim resolved it beautifully. She was very caring and on the ball, she called me today to let me know my repairs will be completed. If we didn't end up having to go into a claim, I would highly recommend the company but because of the experience with a claims process, I would not recommend.

Joyce S of Charlotte, NC | 2020-04-06

They did an excellent job and the cleanup was great and you couldn't even tell they had been there.

Mohamed R of MOUNT VERNON, NY | 2020-04-06

I gave 1 star because zero was not an option, part of the job was done and the rest of it is not done and was told to me that they don't do "that kind of work" even though the sales Rep that came out and took my deposit put that everything will be done and specified this in a binding contract, its been 4 months later with some of the work done, no one has reached out to me in months to get a remedy and now there is a charge on my account for the balance of the job that was not done without me giving a signature or knowledge ,I am taking this to criminal court since this is a fraudulent charge , I have had the worst experience with this company and I have told everyone I know what is going on and would not recommend them

Maria Z of Corp Christi, TX | 2020-04-06

They need to be more understanding to certain people with certain circumstances, they did not follow up with me. I luckily enough was able to translate what they were saying. They seemed to be in such a hurry, but they were nice and respectful. Also the roof looks beautiful.

James B of Salem, OR | 2020-04-01

In my interactions with them at the beginning, it was excellent. Every interaction that I had with them was excellent.

Rigoberto A of Texas City, TX | 2020-04-01

Transform SR Home Improvement Products came out and did an outstanding job. I am satisfied and they met all my expectations. They even exceeded the standard guidelines of the city.

Deborah C of Whitinsville, MA | 2020-03-31

Do not hire this company their subcontractors do not care about quality they care about how fast they can get the job done.

Thomas E of Tacoma, WA | 2020-03-31

Good job.

Greg D of Greenville, IL | 2020-03-27

The team was knowledgeable and the work was performed in a timely fashion. The crew was competent and professional.

Bizuru M of Houston, TX | 2020-03-27

Job well done and it is very different from other roofs in my neighborhood, so I am proud of it!

William H of Clearlake, CA | 2020-03-27

When the job was finally completed it was done well. Overall the process was highly disorganized and at times didn’t know if it was a scam or professional incompetence.

Jonathon D of Dixon, CA | 2020-03-27

I wish I could give a rating just for the sales guy. He was awesome. I wouldn't recommend the company because of its management.

Harvey F of Beaumont, TX | 2020-03-26

They did a good job.

Gilbert C of Alhambra, CA | 2020-03-26

I am happy with the job done as it was described.

Elgia T of Coushatta, LA | 2020-03-26

There's no other company that we've dealt with that is like them!

Mary G of Ogden, UT | 2020-03-26

They were an awesome team to work with.

Margot G of Cedar Hills, UT | 2020-03-26

Don't call them. Find someone else.

Jeanette R of East Hartford, CT | 2020-03-26

This was poor quality. It was very unprofessional. The house looks great, but it was a horrible experience.

Salwa M of Claymont, DE | 2020-03-26

It was a little expensive. Also they did not clean up enough and they damaged my gazebo. They need to fix it, but will not call me back. The roof was done perfectly though.

Candice P of Salt Lake Cty, UT | 2020-03-25

The amount was about $7000 for the project and I paid $500 as a deposit. After the work was completed, they still charged me the full amount even though the $500 I paid was supposed to come off of that amount. I am still having to deal with that issue. They really need to fix this.

Khari J of Indian Head, MD | 2020-03-25

Problems from day one with the Consulting Team. Scheduling conflicts and pricing conflicts almost killed the deal. I decided to look pass the human errors and stayed on board. The installation crew were on time and did a great job overall.

Stephanie K of Fairfield, CA | 2020-03-24

Willing to change some of the above if/when they address the damages.

James W of Pensacola, FL | 2020-03-24

This is a scam don’t finish work iaw contract, use sub par sub contractor.

Susie R of New Orleans, LA | 2020-03-03

It was a beautiful job.

Edward T of Lilburn, GA | 2020-03-03

Excellent experience.

LEROY L of Plainfield, NJ | 2020-03-02

They did what they promised they would do apart from them having to come back to fix an issue with the roof. That part angered me.

Kathie K of Lake Forest Park, WA | 2020-02-25

I thought they did a wonderful job.

Roger N of Mamaroneck, NY | 2020-02-25

The contractor was excellent; Transform was less than adequate.

Miguel A of Bronx, NY | 2020-02-25

It was the best experience I've ever had, they are an amazing company.

Anthony A of Katy, TX | 2020-02-25

I would recommend the company to a friend. They did pretty good on the work. I would give them full stars.

Dorothy M & Unique M of Oakland, CA | 2020-02-24

It seems to me that everything is okay. I won't know until it rains, but I think it is okay. The materials look good, and it looks like they did a good job. From what I can see, it looks wonderful.

Lorraine C of Montgomery, NY | 2020-02-24

I will be glad to share on quality of customer service with any one that asks I must wait and see about the products, but the customer service and communications was lousy.List

Violet S of Los Angeles, CA | 2020-02-20

The products were great but their customer service was horrible. The sub-company that they used was amazing, but because I am reviewing Transform, I am not going to give them more than one star. They don't deserve it.

Barbara S of Gulf Breeze, FL | 2020-02-20

TSHIP provides great craftsmanship and a good experience.

Samaky H of Santa Ana, CA | 2020-02-20

When putting on any roof Transform SR Home Improvement Products should of had a Certificate of Analysis to tell the roof specifications.

JAMES P of E Saint Louis, IL | 2020-02-07

They were on time, did the work as promised, and were very professional. I was very satisfied with their work.

MELANIE S of Belleville, NJ | 2020-02-06

The work was done properly and they were professional. My roof was kind of expensive.

LUIS R of Unionville, VA | 2020-02-05

We selected Transform Home Improvements based on the reputation of and our previous dealings with Sears. We signed the contract to get our new roof and gutters on Sept 27. Shingles were delivered Oct 21 and the installers were scheduled to come on Oct 24., but had to be rescheduled to Oct 28 because of rain. The crew was a no show with no phone call to say they wouldn’t be there. We have dogs, so they can’t just show up without someone being home.Transform fired that installer and rescheduled for November 13 with a different crew. Again, we did not have a roof because of backed up rain schedules. There was one other scheduled date in there somewhere. On December 5, I inquired about getting out of the contract, but did not hear back from a supervisor until Dec 9. The threat of going to court had them scramble to get the job done by the end of the year. The roof was finally installed on December 23rd, with gutters installed on January 2nd.And yet, it still isn’t over. While we are pleased with the 50 year shingles and satisfied with the way they were installed, and absolutely loved the crew who installed the gutters, we are extremely unhappy with how the flashing was installed on the chimney. Before they had finished and sealed it, I told the contractor that it did not look right at all and that my husband would reject it. I gave him the opportunity to fix it before they finished the job, but he did not. As of February 5th, we are still waiting for a satisfactory resolution. Transform claims they cannot do any of the things we have suggested to make it right, and what they have suggested is not acceptable to us. At this point, I am waiting for the inspectors report. If he says it was installed “correctly” and will not cause problems down the road, then we will somehow learn to live with the ridiculously ugly and unprofessional appearance of what they did to the flashing.I understand and am sympathetic to my point of contact at Transform Home Improvements. Running the roofing division was heaped on her on top of her usual division, so I understand she is overworked and under appreciated. I understand that things like weather are beyond their control and affect scheduling. But it took 3 months, rather than the 3 to 6 weeks we were led to expect to get the roof on, and we are now stuck with an eyesore on our chimney.I am still faintly hopeful that this can somehow be resolved to our satisfaction, but will not be recommending their service to anyone.

MASHELLE N of Sultan, WA | 2020-02-05

We are happy with their work and we would definitely recommend them.

KARL F of Burley, ID | 2020-02-04

I would not recommend this company. It took 6 months for them to re-roof my house after being told the project would begin in 6-8 weeks. The project coordinator was incapable and lied to us numerous time about the status of our project. The contractor who did the work was great and I am very satisfied with the new roof but I would not go through Transform Home Improvement again.

RICHARD S of Monroe, IA | 2020-02-04

First off the work and materials were top notch, Office and management are incompetent, between delays due to staffing issues, miscommunication, and outright lies the frustration was immense. They still have not provided me with a receipt or scheduled the final inspection of the project. Once they receive the check forget anything other than forcing these stupid surveys down your throat. I really want to recommend the actual workers because they are good. The management not so much.

WILLIAM K of Lapeer, MI | 2020-02-03

I should be able to get ahold of them. I have to leave a message every time I call, and no one calls me back. The only that I am able to get ahold of them is through my salesman.

PATRICIA R of Franklin, NJ | 2020-02-01

I've highly recommended them to many of my friends and co-workers. I was extremely pleased with the work they did. They came out in an ice storm to put on my roof and was done in two hours.

Deloris F of Burlington, NC | 2020-01-30

They need to make improvements to their customer service and hiring good installation crews.

Diana M of Sonora, CA | 2020-01-29

The representatives were great. They were very thorough with the presentation. The Subcontractors are who I had a problem with, however, Transform resolved the issue to my satisfaction.

Gertie R of Savannah, GA | 2020-01-27

I love the service I got on my new roof I am very satisfy with the service and the work looking to my next project I want to have done.

Gerardo P of Columbia, SC | 2020-01-27

First interview, schedule and quality of work were excellent.

FILOMENA M of San Antonio, TX | 2020-01-24

I was very satisfied .

Laura B of Marysville, MI | 2020-01-19

Roof is beautiful with great transferable warranty. Financing is great too.

JULIE G of San Jose, CA | 2020-01-08

I have nothing against Owens Corning. I just wasn't pleased with Transform SR Home Improvement Products.

Christopher P of Gardena, CA | 2020-01-07

It was all done professionally. It was all good.

Synetta F of Saint Louis, MO | 2020-01-05

My roof still isn't finished the peak of my roof is covered with heavy plastic was told they would close it before thanksgiving still isn't done

Leonard O of Bandera, TX | 2019-12-28

The quality of work performed and the quality of material used on my roof, was outstanding, they completed the repair on my roof in 8 hour time period.

MIKE G of Norwich, CT | 2019-12-20

They did an excellent job, I watched them work, and I have no doubts at all. I think it went perfectly.

ISAAC B of Boutte, LA | 2019-12-19

Everything was great! We loved the work, it was done fast and quickly. My wife is happy, so everything is great.

RITA H of Gaithersburg, MD | 2019-12-19

The job was well done but I had a bunch of problems with the management. They wouldn't respond in a timely manner.

JOHN P of Milwaukee, WI | 2019-12-17

Transform did a great job. The installation crew were prompt and efficient. I was very impressed with the clean up after the job was done. When I had an issue logging into the website for the contract for my job, Transform promptly resolved the problem by sending me the documents by email. My finished roof looks great. I was very impressed with the entire team.

EDWARD W of Cedar Grove, NC | 2019-12-16

They are very fast and very knowledgeable about what they do. They efficiently do it and are done.

Agustin H of Sacramento, CA | 2019-12-14

My salesperson was great! Very helpful at getting problems solved.

CAROLYN N of Houston, TX | 2019-12-14


VERNA M of Decatur, GA | 2019-12-11

All the representatives that I came into contact with were very helpful and kept in touch with me. They let me know day by day and week by week what the process was going to be and how long it was going to take.

SPENCE B of Silver Spring, MD | 2019-12-11

The laborers and materials were good but the management was bad.

MARLA C of RODEO, CA | 2019-12-10

Very professional

PASTOR O of Zebulon, NC | 2019-12-10

The crew never tied the job up but worked incessantly and continuously until completed. Thoroughly magnetized area to remove nails and left the area pristine.

Sandra S of Veneta, OR | 2019-12-10

Transform was great. I did have some issues with the subcontractors. .

NATHANAEL C of Hayward, CA | 2019-12-09

I think I got a good deal but I think they should have replaced some of the wood on the roof.

Paula P of Enid, OK | 2019-12-05

Transform SR Home Improvement Products did a really good job and I am really happy with it. They took care of the problems I had and made it look really nice.

Charlotte O of Chicago, IL | 2019-12-05

They did an excellent job!

Roque A of Schererville, IN | 2019-12-05

They were quick to call me after the work was done.

Bruce D of Brockton, MA | 2019-12-03

The roofing showed up on time and were well trained completing the job in one day. 1200 ft. small Cape

THEODORE H of Mount Vernon, MO | 2019-11-19

My roof by Transform SR Home Improvement Products looks pretty good. However, I thought they were supposed to put venting on all of the peaks.

ANGELA J of Cleveland, OH | 2019-11-18

Justin’s team was amazing! They were quick and efficient he answered all of my questions and the place was spotless when they left

MAURICIO C of Humble, TX | 2019-11-14

Excellent overall services!

DOMINICK S of Danielsville, PA | 2019-11-12

After the headaches this company has caused me, I don't recommend using them at all. It was difficult getting a company out to our home to install a new roof. We were told because of our location. Transform came in VERY high and were promised to have the roof done professionally and in a timely manner with our exceptions met.The only exception met here , is the shingles on my roof. We were told the removal of the lightening rods wouldn't be an issue. We asked they be taken down carefully since we wanted to keep them, they were broken and thrown in a dumpers, the staff at Transform doesn't communicate with one another. They all have different stories. Save yourself the hassle of being frustrated and go elsewhere.

ELTON S of Hempstead, TX | 2019-11-12

They did a good job.

CATHERYN of Suisun City, CA | 2019-11-11

The project is still not complete.

ONEAL R of Beaumont, TX | 2019-11-07

We appreciate their professionalism and the timeliness they worked.

Raisa R of Poughkeepsie, NY | 2019-11-07

They did a wonderful job. They made sure they could get the job done in one day.

JACKIE L of Houston, TX | 2019-11-06

They return phone calls promptly. Don't be dismayed by the start time that they tell you because it is typically sooner. Even though the product manager went on vacation in the middle of my job, his manager stepped in and took over. The project was seamless.

JOHN B of Hanover Park, IL | 2019-11-06

The company should give discounts to senior citizens.

ELIZABETH T of Mission Hills, CA | 2019-11-04

Darrell was very knowledgeable with the roofing products offered and helped me make an informed decision. The roofing team was clean and professional, leaving my property swept and debris picked up. I am happy with my shingle selection which resulted in at least a 15 degree cooler home on the first hot day after installation.

EDWARD S of Fort Worth, TX | 2019-11-04

They are a good company overall. I was satisfied with my experience.

Bryan H of Ogden, UT | 2019-11-04

I would not recommend them because of the confusions, delays, and the lack of communication.

LUIS E of Springfield, MO | 2019-11-01

They didn't do a good job, they took to along, and they very expensive.

WASH H of Jamaica, NY | 2019-11-01

I was most satisfied with their timeliness in which they were able to do the job. They came when they said they would, and even finished it the same day.

SHIRLEY M of Atlanta, GA | 2019-11-01

I'm still waiting on my gutter guards!

Edward H of Santa Clara, CA | 2019-10-30

I am very happy with the overall experience.

PATRICIA M of Graham, WA | 2019-10-30

We are very happy with our new roof and the job that Transforn Home Improvement did.

Mary Z of Saratoga, CA | 2019-10-29

They did a good job, but throwing all the materials off the roof into the yard, was very unprofessional. They didn't clean up after themselves after project was completed, which resulted in us having to get a new tire, and taking time out of our day to clean the materials they threw into our pool. Don't be a litter bug!

Roy G of Claremore, OK | 2019-10-28

The foreman was very good at responding to my calls!

Minnie S of Cleveland, OH | 2019-10-28

I appreciate their service. I am an elder and they were so very respectful. I enjoyed that.

David M of Rch Cucamonga, CA | 2019-10-28

For the price, you are not getting anything much different than if you hired a local roofing company.

GERALD R of Bacliff, TX | 2019-10-23

Once they did the roof, the inspection and all of that, they were supposed to give me a website. I don't remember what the website is. It should be mailed out to me instead of me having to track it down, trying to find the website. That should be automatically sent to the homeowner.

STEVEN M of Stone Mtn, GA | 2019-10-21

The Transform SR Home Improvement team resolved my roofing needs with top professionalism. I had been in the hunt for a roofing company I could trust with affordable rates for years. This company addressed all of my needs!

FRANCIS S of Copperas Cove, TX | 2019-10-21

TR home-improvement replaced our roof and did a really good job. The quality of materials and installation were top notch. Wish the cost would have been a little more in line with average for our area but hopefully it was worth it in the end. Clean up was pretty good but finding nails and other roofing debris still a month or so later

KIM B of Puyallup, WA | 2019-10-15

The installers were professional and completed the work on time.

MARY D of Saint Louis, MO | 2019-10-15

This company gave me good service, and the product is really good. I got a lot of compliments on my roof.

David B of Gilroy, CA | 2019-10-13

Only the onset of rainy season will confirm the general quality of our new roof. We have notified the company of a leak around a furnace pipe exhaust; so far, no one has come to fix it.

DERRELL H of Vidor, TX | 2019-10-10

There were here on time and cleaned up afterward. They did a good job.

TARA B of Jersey City, NJ | 2019-10-08

Overall happy with the service and price. They did have an issue (rain during the work caused some damage to my ceiling), but they more than adequately resolved it and fixed the damage to my cieling.

Robert L of Jackson, MS | 2019-10-02

They were a real professional company and they did a great job on my house.

Marie K of Spokane, WA | 2019-10-01

I think they did a good job on the roof and the gutters.

Candace S of Clearfield, UT | 2019-09-30

Once the job was scheduled, the crew did a great job. It took a while for them to schedule me in.

Ethel C of Park Forest, IL | 2019-09-30

They did a good job.

Clarence S of Bessemer, AL | 2019-09-28

They did a great job! They were professional, courteous, they did a good job cleaning up. They were just a good company to do it.

Nathen & Mary S of Vacaville, CA | 2019-09-27

They are not very helpful in getting the right materials.

Deboriah B of Federal Way, WA | 2019-09-25

We were really pleased with them. If I could afford to have my house roof redone I would have them do it.

Lynette S of Hartford, CT | 2019-09-24

The technicians were reliable and did a good job.

LATOYA W of Sardis, MS | 2019-09-24

Great work!

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