Thermafiber® Aluminum Foil & FSK Tape

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Technical Information

Standards, Codes Compliance

ASTM C 1136FSK Tape, Meets
UL File NumberR10984
U.S. Coast GuardAluminum Foil Tape (CGA #164.112/63/0)
British StandardAluminum Foil & FSK Tape, BS 476: Part 7, Class 1
British StandardAluminum Foil Tape, BS 476: Part 6, Class 0

Technical Data

Aluminum Foil TapeFSK Tape
Thickness3.25 mils (0.00325")0.08255 mm6.5 mils (0.0065”)0.165 mm
Adhesion - Peel (PSTC 1)96 oz/inch width27.1 N/2.5cm96 oz/inch width27 N/2.5cm
Adhesion - Loop Tack50 oz/inch width14.2 N/2.5cm
Adhesion - Shear (PSTC 7) Indefinite @2.2 psi15.2 kPa2 psi13.8 kPa
Tensile (PSTC 31)27 lbs/inch width122 N/2.5cm40 lbs/inch width178 N/2.5cm
Elongation (PSTC 31)4.4% 4.4%2%2%
Low Temperature Application-25°F-32°C-25°F-32°C
High Temperature Resistance260°F127°C175°F80°C
Low Environmental Resistance-35°F-37°C-35°F-37°C
Emittance (ASTM C 1371)0.030.03-
WVTR (ASTM E 96 Proc. A)0.02 U.S. Perms0.02 U.S. Perms
Flame Spread (ASTM E 84)5555
Smoke Developed (ASTM E 84)10101010



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