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Carol H of St Augustine, FL | 2019-06-27

They did a really great job. The only issue I had was with the supplier. Tadlock did a good job of directing me to the right person to speak with, so I am just trying to get a solution on that. Tadlock did a great job. It is really not in our hands. It is in someone else's. Tadlock was great.

John D of Melbourne, FL | 2019-06-19

Best experience I have ever had with a roofing project. Would highly recommend this company.

Terrance H of Apopka, FL | 2019-06-18

Great job

Jax-3602 R of Jacksonville, FL | 2019-06-18

The work was good, and they did a good job replacing the work. But at some certain point, I didn't appreciate the workers, even though they repaired the work they caused, but the damage they did shouldn't have happened. I don't know if they were in a hurry, or not paying attention, but the mishaps shouldn't have been mishaps. But I am happy they repaired the damage that the crew caused.

Norwin V of Ponte Vedra, FL | 2019-06-17

Very poor customer service. My gutter guards have been removed and we are still waiting for replacement. Our water leak is worse than before. I called Tadlock Roofing and was promised to get a call back. Still waiting. I can't recommend Tadlock at all.

Jax-3665 G of Jax Bch, FL | 2019-06-05

Super happy with the roof. There was some minor lack of communication when I tried to pay, but it all got worked out. Thanks!

John T of Lakeland, FL | 2019-06-05

They are great workers and they clean up real good.

Jax-3638 J of Yulee, FL | 2019-05-30

Project started later than promised but I feel it was weather related. The crew showed up on time when scheduled and completed the job in less than 3 days. Crew had great attention to detail and cleaned up each day.

TLH-9024 D of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-05-29

The Tadlock experience from start to finish was A+

Jamie T of St Augustine, FL | 2019-05-21

They were great! It was quick and they handled the coordination of the gutter, fascia, and critter guards also. So helpful! I would use them again! Thank you!

Robert H of Ormond Beach, FL | 2019-05-15

I was really impressed with the how quickly they were. The people both on the phone and the workman were extremely nice. I dealt with Michele and Brian and both were very kind and answered all of my questions. Nothing but good thing to say about my experience.

Maureen R of St Augustine, FL | 2019-05-13

Excellent sevice. Great workmanship and I would highly recommend them.

Phil O of St Augustine, FL | 2019-05-10

I am very happy with the job Tadlock did on our roof. As someone who has been around construction for 38 years, I appreciated the professionalism and extra assistance they provided on our job. The work was clean and done in workmanlike fashion. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for help with a roofing job.

James C of Palm Coast, FL | 2019-05-10

Good Job.

Lewis L of Saint Cloud, FL | 2019-05-07

What a great company and what a great roof we now have. Thomas and his team went above and beyond our expectations. Tadlock Roofing crew was fast and polite and we really enjoyed our experience. Thomas is very professional and was honest about what needed to be done. If you're looking to add a new roof or replace an old roof, Tadlock Roofing and Thomas has our vote. In addition, the construction crew was efficient, courteous, professional and most importantly neat and clean. Office personnel handled our process swiftly and job was done within schedule time frame. Thank you and well done to the hard working workers. regards,Lewis Lyttle

Shelly B of Blountstown, FL | 2019-04-03

They are local so that is something that was important to us. I know if I have an issue it will be easier for them to come and fix it than someone who is 5 hours away. They have good ratings and that is why we used them.

Sandra G of St Augustine, FL | 2019-04-02

I had debris come into my house from the fan above the stove. Someone did come and clean it out but when it happened again, no one came? I noticed today after windy weather I had more shingle debris falling into my stove.

Matt H of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-04-02

this is my second Tadlock roof on my home plus they have put two roofs on buildings at my church. I am very pleased with the quality of the work provided by Tadlock. I have a beautiful roof and the cost was very competitive with other roofers.

Stephanie P of Minneola, FL | 2019-03-29

They were super easy to work with, punctual, answered all of my questions & had a great follow through!

Albert S of Ormond Beach, FL | 2019-03-25

from start to finish this was a very good experance

Clara E of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-03-19

I was very impressed with their dedication to getting the job done. They worked 10 and 12 hour days on my roof in spite of the weather because of the rain. They were very clean and I was impressed with how they left the job site. There was absolutely nothing left behind to pick up. I was just really impressed with having this company to do the job and how well they did it.

Ben P of St Augustine, FL | 2019-03-19

I am very happy with Tadlock Roofing.

Dale C of Crawfordville, FL | 2019-03-14

I would highly recommend Tadlock Roofing.

Thomas M of St Augustine, FL | 2019-03-14

Christian was instrumental in working with the insurance adjuster to get this job approved and we thank him.The crew was supervised well by Derrick and the job was done without any major setbacks or problems. The roof is beautiful and we thank you!

William B of St Augustine, FL | 2019-03-06

Because of my Home Insurer, I was unable to choose my roofer, which had me concerned at the outset. As it turned out, my concerns were unwarranted. Tadlock was extremely professional and very fast. In one day they had our damaged roof removed, the new roof installed, about 50ft of rotten wood replaced. The next morning the debris trailer was removed after a final cleanup.I would definitely use Tadlock again and recommend them to others.

Nancy M of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-03-04

I think they did everything very well and the followup was good. They checked back with me and made sure everything was cleaned up well.

ORL-381 U of Winter Garden, FL | 2019-02-25

The installation crew was very organized and take good care of the surroundings.

JAX-3348 H of Palm Coast, FL | 2019-02-23

The crew was GREAT and they all work as a team and kept the place clean........

Psa-293 B of Gulf Breeze, FL | 2019-02-13

They replaced the damaged plywood sheets as promised, installed the shingles and underlay properly and completed the job in a reasonable amount of time.

Jane & Psa-273 C of Pensacola, FL | 2019-02-08

Tadlock Roofing is a very professional and honest company with an excellent product. We would highly recommend them.

Tlh-8671 M of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-02-06

Tadlock Roofing exceeded my expectations. They helped me navigate conversations with my insurance and communicated well with me during the process.

TLH-8559 S of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-02-01

They did a great job.

TLH-8641 D of Tallahassee, FL | 2019-01-30

Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Totally satisfied with the product and work. Crew were focused and completed the job professionally.

JAX-3394 M of St Augustine, FL | 2019-01-30

Tadlock Roofing re roofed my two homes recently. The whole experience form start to finish from the sales person, the office staff the workmen to the final consultant, gave the impression that these guys knew their business. Minor issues (a piece of stucco came loose and facia gutter board came loose) were fixed in no time. Would recommend Tadlock Roofing to any one.

JAX-3223 E of St Augustine, FL | 2019-01-28

We have a 2700 sq ft house. They dropped off materials and and trash dumpster on Monday, completely replaced roof on Tuesday, came home Wednesday from work and everything was home and picked up, like they were never there. Only way we knew they had been there was our beautiful new roof. The sales person I worked with was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it came to making the final decisions. Every time I called the office the staff was great and extremely helpful. I will recommend them to anyone

ORL-365 S of Ormond Beach, FL | 2019-01-25

Tadlock Roofing was very professional and polite. They did a great job!

JAX-3382 D of Middleburg, FL | 2019-01-25

Tadlock Roofing is amazing. They communicated with me and worked really hard. The job was done very quickly. I was impressed!

Jax-3137 R of Saint Augustine, FL | 2019-01-14

Please correct my name on the review.. Enrico S....

ORL-265 W of Osteen, FL | 2019-01-14

Great Experience, no complaints.I highly recommend them.

TPA-917 C of Tampa, FL | 2019-01-10

Tadlock Roofing was very good with communication. They do quality work and they do it on time. I had no issues.

Dorothy S of Blountstown, FL | 2019-01-08

Outstanding job. A little pricey but well worth it. Complete satisfaction.

TPA-908 D of Tampa, FL | 2019-01-08

I will not be using Tadlock in the future and would not recommend this company to friends/family. They said Wind Mitigation Inspection was included, it wasn't. They shared with me shingle colors that months later revealed were not even available for my area. They gave little notice that they'd be coming out to begin the roofing project when I hadn't even selected a new shingle color. One of the solar companies they recommended had a BBB F-rating. They marked the job "complete" and didn't invite me to look at the final result first. Several shingles weren't resting properly and they thew out my gutter guards without permission. The workers leaned their ladder against my archway entrance and dented the metal. They did not release the terms and conditions of their extended warranty plan before asking you to pay for it. Final invoice did not include a comprehensive breakdown of services/features purchased. Invoice properly itemized after complaint. After extensive complaining and threatening to cancel the job all together, they offered a discount and included the Wind Mitigation Inspection. Weeks later they replaced the missing gutter guards and corrected the faulty shingles. It's a shame the satisfactory roofing result only came after significant aggravation.

Jax-3308 J of St Augustine, FL | 2018-12-26

Very displeased with Tadlock. The didn't keep appointments for meetings or commitment when they were to start the project. They failed to communicate that the project was starting later than scheduled. Shingles not put down correctly, waving pattern. Tadlock said it was a result of the roof settling, ridiculous comment. Left gutters partially torn down. I picked a bag full of nails and shingle materials around the house. They damaged the front lawn with the truck when placing shingles on the roof (I repaired the lawn). I honestly could not recommend them to anyone else.

Jax-3336 H of St Augustine, FL | 2018-12-20

Umberto was very good. They left everything very clean!

Jax-3312 B of St Augustine, FL | 2018-12-19

Tadlock did a great job! The roof installation was orderly, efficient and without issues.

JAX-3260 R of St Augustine, FL | 2018-12-04

My whole neighborhood had hale damage. I watch neighbors roofing projects drag out for several days at a time. Tadlock Roofing came out and got my roof done in one day. They are awsome.

Jax-3136 G of St Augustine, FL | 2018-11-28

They did an excellent and professional job.

JAX-3258 M of St Augustine, FL | 2018-11-27

They were in and out in a day and a half...great.

Jax-3028 M of Orange Park, FL | 2018-11-27

My roof looks outstanding!

Jax-3138 R of St Augustine, FL | 2018-11-14

The work was done fast. It only took two days!

ORL-234 M of Clermont, FL | 2018-11-14

The work was very good, Thomas Catalano was on point and very accommodating. He made sure issues were addressed.

JAX-3245 P of St Augustine, FL | 2018-11-14

They are very professional.

JAX-3006 J of Macclenny, FL | 2018-11-09

Great experience getting our roof done with Tadlock. We had a hail/peril claim with our insurance company and initially the date was months out, Tadlock was able to bring crews from different areas around the state and bump us up several weeks! The crew was very professional and did the roof in one day. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a roof done right.

Orl-268 M of Oviedo, FL | 2018-10-25

Every time, the crew showed up surprised of 2 floor building and high slope of roof.Seems that do not talk or report to each other.

Jax-3130 J of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-24

Tadlock Roofing crew were excellent; they worked very hard on my roof and completed the installation very quickly. However, Tadlock management and superintendent failed to proactively schedule remaining repairs and did not respond to my phone calls and voice messages, both at the office and mobile phone. Only after filing a complaint to my insurance company, Olympus Insurance, Tadlock Roofing management sent me an email. Olympus Insurance uses Tadlock Roofing as a preferred roofer and I did not have a choice in the hiring roofer of my choice. Overall, Tadlock Roofing does not complete work in a timely manner and customer service is very poor.

Jax-3228 M of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-24

First class job, there was a small issue with the project but Tadlock stepped up and addressed it . Absolutely would recommend them to Friends and Family

Orl-313 G of Orlando, FL | 2018-10-24

Great workmanship! Workplace cleanup was extremely well done.

Jax-3119 S of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-23

They were extremely efficient and professional.

Jax-3192 N of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-21

Joe Nelson was the salesperson involved in this job. He explained everything thoroughly so I knew exactly what to expect and stayed involved through the whole process. He and the staff kept me posted on the progress starting with the permit to the estimated date for the project to begin, which turned out to be the actual start date. He was always available for any questions.

Jax-2982 W of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-19

Tadlock installed a good roof on my house. It was not coordinated effectively or in a timely manner, however. I hope that they can improve upon their pre-job communication. Jason Kean in their office is very helpful and available once the work starts, though.

Tpa-867 A of Riverview, FL | 2018-10-19

Their work was great, they are timely, efficient and affordable.

ORL-276 D of Oviedo, FL | 2018-10-16

Tadlock Roofing was very professional and did a great job! The crew was very hardworking and cleaned up very well. I was very pleased with the work they did.

TLH-8354 S of Tallahassee, FL | 2018-10-16

Very good installation workers, stayed on task and did a good job of protecting plants and daily cleanup.

PSA-211 D of Milton, FL | 2018-10-16

Tadlock Roofing was a pleasure to work with! They were very prompt in taking care of our needs!

ORL-191 B of Tavares, FL | 2018-10-12

Perfect job.

ORL-262 B of Daytona Beach, FL | 2018-10-10

I give you permission to publish with one correction - Change to Bobby P. Thanks Bobby Pittillo

JAX-3087 E of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-08

They showed up and explained what was going to happen. They got the permits and worked with the insurance company. It looks very well and I am pleased.

TPA-868 L of Lutz, FL | 2018-10-04

everything was done to my satisfaction. i would use tadlock again or recommend them.

Orl-223 C of Kissimmee, FL | 2018-10-02

Wes was great to work with.

JAX-3065 K of St Augustine, FL | 2018-10-02

I was very satisfied with the work that they completed.

Jax-2888 A of Palm Coast, FL | 2018-10-01


Jax-2871 L of Yulee, FL | 2018-09-28

This was an Olympus Insurance company job. I did not have a choice in who did the work. There are excellent local roofing companies that would have done the same quality job for less. I would not have had to wait two weeks for an inspection. The delay made me put off the installation of a PV Solar array by two weeks.

JAX-2911 W of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-26

Insurance company forced us to use Tadlock for a roof replacement. Having to get a repair crew back out multiple times to fix things that should have been done right the first time (water intrusion into attic due to improperly sealed bathroom exhaust vents, broken soffit, tar spattered on side of house, etc...) was annoying, but not unheard of or completely unexpected. However, it was the inability to effectively communicate with Tadlock during the install that was unacceptable. No one on the install crew spoke English and my contact at Tadlock was hard to get in contact with and never called back to confirm changes and resolutions despite promises to.

ORL-233 A of Daytona Beach, FL | 2018-09-26

Tadlock was who our insurance company had us use for our roof replacement after we discovered hail damage from a storm back in March . They were all very helpful and friendly from the sales person who came with samples to the office staff and site managers . They worked with us during this whole process to make sure we weren't inconvenienced during the installation , since in Daytona Beach we can't park over night in the street .. Thank you Tadlock for a great experience .

Joel & JAX-3043 K of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-25

We don't know for others, we received the WORST customer service from Tadlock Roofin.

TPA-857 J of Winter Haven, FL | 2018-09-25

A very professional and courteous company. I am very happy with my new roof and I would recommend Tadlock to everyone.

JAX-2839 J of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-20

The work was done very slow, they did excuse the workers were all sick the same day ....

JAX-2952 J of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-20

Pros: Roof looks great! Love the duration sand dune shingles. Glad to have a ridge vent system instead of the off-ridge vents that leaked on our old system during bad storms. Cons: I was disappointed with the cleanup. I picked up over 30 roofing nails (most in plain sight and still attached to the orange plastic washers) after asking numerous times for the crew to bring back the magnet. Also, was initially told scheduling was 3 weeks out but found out after signing it was 3 months. Once the job began, the crew showed up a week early with nearly no notice.S

Jax-2971 C of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-20

We had a very excellent crew working on our house, they were here on time and it seemed like they never took a break . They were very clean and made sure that at the end of the day they swept up and checked for nails.Great Job!

JAX-2955 S of Jacksonville, FL | 2018-09-19

Very professional group and work was done well. Communicates effectively and responds to questions. i loved how they did everything for me so that it was effortless. If being picky, my only issue would be my dryer vent not painted black and left as a dark brown, but overall it seems to have been a great install and completed in only 3 days.

Jax-2976 J of Jacksonville, FL | 2018-09-19

Our experience with Tadlock was above and beyond our expectations. Very professional and informative, especially the team that actually performed the the entire installation. Highly recommended! AAA SERVICE

ORL-232 M of Daytona Beach, FL | 2018-09-17

Tadlock Roofing was an exceptional company to work with. The crew was clean and professional. The supervisor was on the job site numerous times and checked the quality of work several times. I highly recommend Tadlock.

Tpa-803 C of Lakeland, FL | 2018-09-14

Had to pay someone $150 to clean out my gutter around pool area. Gutter was clogged with nails and roofing garbage.

Jax-2943 J of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-10

They did a good job, they came here and got the job done in good timing. It only took them two days and that was great.

Jax-2939 J of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-10

We were very happy with the results!

Jax-2859 R of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-09

Professional from start to finish. Especially enjoyed working with Tyler Nerland who went the extra mile in his negotiations with the insurance company to ensure we were given the best coverage. Every issue we brought up with the main office was addressed in a friendly and efficient manner.

Jax-2793 E of St Augustine, FL | 2018-09-07

the installation crew for Tadlock Roofing was very professional and worked very hard to replace our roof.

Orl-220 M of Daytona Beach, FL | 2018-08-29

Beth Wieland was awesome! So was the crew chief on the job.

Jax-2877 T of St Augustine, FL | 2018-08-27

Tadlock is fast and efficient, and even accommodated our schedule.

Jax-2816 L of St Augustine, FL | 2018-08-23

Tadlock did a great job replacing my roof. They did it right the first time. Was done in less than two days and no issues since. I'm very pleased with their work!

Orl-215 J of Port Orange, FL | 2018-08-22

We had an excellent experience with Tablock. Would certainly recommend them.

Jax-2861 L of St Augustine, FL | 2018-08-17

My gutters were taken down and it's been a month and I they still haven't been replaced. There is soil erosion around the foundation of my house because I don't have gutters. They left tar makes all over my house, ac unit, driveway...

Orl-183 S of Oviedo, FL | 2018-08-11

Tadlock roofing did very well on the core job. The roof replacement came out looking good and well built. However, the 3 stars is because of the lack of proper communication and poor after job site cleanup. Effective communication is a big part of customer satisfaction. Tadlock roofing field staff needs more experience in that. The staff at the office, specifically Michelle and Wes from planning did great in this aspect and can coach the field on keeping customers aware.

Jax-2774 B of Jacksonville, FL | 2018-08-10

Prompt, professional & reasonably priced. Although I got several quotes, I did not go with the cheapest one but I feel like I got what I paid for. Plus you can't put a price on peace of mind. I will definitely recommend Tadlock to my family and friends.

Jax-2811 E of Jacksonville, FL | 2018-08-08

If your insurance is paying for your roof then be prepared to pay way over market value for any upgrades like architectural shingles. Every quote I got on the shingle upgrade was $300-$400 cheaper than Tadlock but since I had to use them there was nothing I could do. The roof was done really well though.

Tlh-7827 J of Tallahassee, FL | 2018-08-07

We were just pleased with the entire process. We didn't experience any problems. I would recommend them.

Pc-6678 B of Panama City, FL | 2018-08-07

Very Professional in all aspects

Jax-2722 R of Jacksonville, FL | 2018-07-29

I'm overall very satisfied with the work Tadlock did re-roofing my home. Not only is the new roof noticeably more attractive I feel I have piece of mind that I no longer need to worry about the condition of my roof for quite a few years to come.

Jax-2739 M of Macclenny, FL | 2018-07-27

Unorganized. Did not bring appropriate materials. Arguing with each other in my yard. Made crew stay at sight during lunch, no breaks.

Orl-86 L of Kissimmee, FL | 2018-07-25

It was surprising that they were able to come and get the work done in one day, the very next day after the material was brought in

Orl-168 E of Oviedo, FL | 2018-07-23

Wes turner got me in early. The other companies heard I had an insurance claim, and they blew me off. He was the only person to show up. He communicated with me and handled everything like a professional. He is a good dude.

Jax-2749 D of St Augustine, FL | 2018-07-19

Tadlock Roofing did a thorough job on my roof. Their team was professional, and we had no complaints.

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