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1621 County Road 269 | Leander, TX 78641
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Donald & Joan L of Victoria, TX | 2018-02-09

Very please customer. I would and have recommended this company to other people.

Jesus A of Victoria, TX | 2017-12-18

Sanders Roofing did not follow contract for a Hurricane Harvey roof repair.. Signed contract showed Duration shingles. But Oakridge was installed. Sanders Roofing also installed to wrong underlayment.Sanders Roofing did NOT inform me of their mistake even after 2 weeks after installation. I had to bring their mistake to their attention when after I reviewed the warranty card...showing wrong material being installed. I was most upset because they invoiced me for Duration shingles. I felt that they were perfectly content to accept Duration payment for inferior material used.Communication with Sanders Roofing is horrible. They gave me attitude when I brought their errors to their attention. They don't respond to emails. I felt that they wanted me to go away. That I should just be happy that I got a roof. Workmanship is under par. They left nails all around the street even after they said they swept the area with magnet. I stepped on a nail and had to get a tenuous just to be sure. There are shingles that are not secured. Sanders Roofing inspected job and agreed it job was poorly done. But they have not come back to fix it for 2 months. They are a Platinum Contractor but I would revoke their agreement with Owens Corning due to the problems I faced trying to deal with them. Sanders Roofing submitted Platinum warranty information but Owens Corning website shows the wrong shingles. They have no professionalism. They don’t have guidelines to prevent problems. They don't respond to emails.They don’t follow up on promises to correct workmanship. They don’t follow contract agreement.I would NOT use Sanders Roofing again.

Response from Austin Pro Siding, Window, Roofing

Mr. Tovar, as I have discussed with you on numerous occasions, no one tried to trick you or be deceitful in any way. I sent you the warranty card with the list of installed materials as you asked me to do and recorded the actual materials that were used, on that card. Had I been trying to deceive you I would have written in what was on the contract. We made a mistake and have apologized to you on many separate occasions. We offered to completely redo your roof with the products listed on your contract but you chose the $6000.00 discount (for what was a $500.00 mistake and that's only if you take the shingles into account, the underlayment we used on your home is superior to what was on your contract), I feel like had it been that huge of a problem, you would have let us just redo your roof. You originally wanted us to come off the price over $7500.00 and I told you I would not be willing to do that and it wasn't until the shingle distributor was trying to re-deliver the materials for re- installation that you agreed to take a $6000.00 discount. As to no one communicating with you, I have a string of emails that show differently. I can provide those to you if necessary. I can tell you with certainty that no one from Sanders Roofing & Exteriors, LLC inspected your roof and told you the job was "poorly done", as a matter of fact, the City of Victoria inspected your roof as part of the permit process and it passed their inspection. What you are referring to as "not secured" shingles are shingles that haven't yet sealed with heat. As we have explained to you, shingles are petroleum based and sometimes there are shingles that do not seem to lay flat but once the temperature rises and the shingle becomes pliable, it will settle. Lastly, but most importantly, is our Owens Corning Platinum Contractor certification. I would ask you to read other reviews written by our customers regarding our professionalism, honesty, and workmanship. Owens Corning vetted us when we were going through their stringent Platinum Contractor application process and we passed without exception. I am thoroughly offended by your accusations and claims of misconduct and mistreatment. No company is perfect but we do everything we can to provide our customers with the most positive experience and the best possible roof. Thank you, Kim Sanders Sanders Roofing & Exteriors, LLC

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