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Kaiser Siding & Roofing, LLC

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5400 Laurel Springs Pkwy | Ste 1308 | Suwanee, GA 30024
(678) 771-8291
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Rob S of Matthews, NC | 2020-02-03

They did what they said they would do and they did fantastic work.

Euseblo S of Melbourne, FL | 2020-01-23

Very professional company. I was happy I found Kaiser because I was completely pleased.

Jacques R of Dacula, GA | 2020-01-11

They did a great job.

Bruce M of Dacula, GA | 2019-09-26

We didn't even know we needed a roofing job, but from the very start Kaiser exuded professionalism and integrity. They walked us through the process, did an excellent job educating us on the various options and making good choices.The operational crew was also very efficient, got the roof done in the expected time and wow I was impressed with the cleanup! An hour after they were done you couldn't tell that they were there.... except for the new roof!Special thanks to Zack, Billy and Mike for the excellent team work. Thanks also to the crew for doing what is really a very dangerous job to keep a roof over our heads.

James W of Naples, FL | 2019-09-22

Kaiser was rated very highly and I think for good reason. Top quality materials, an actual warranty (I hope...) and people who seemed to know what they were doing. Dan (sales rep and supervisor) was always on site when work was being done, easily accessible even though he appeared to have a massive workload, and very responsive to our questions and concerns. Dan gave us options for our job and even pointed out that our roof could last a couple more years if we felt we wanted to wait. The job was completed on schedule and on the days we were told the crew would be working. The only problem was the recommended gutter company. Dan advised us that the owner of the gutter company was a little eccentric, doing quality work the way he knew it should be done. (It was not done that way at all.) As it worked out, the gutter company owner lied to us constantly. Not once did he show up on days he said he would. He actually dropped off his employee one day and then abandoned him at our house for the day! He lied to cover the mistakes he was constantly making (cutting segments too short, installing a gutter segment with a cut in it so it leaked like a waterfall during heavy rain - the kind we get every day in south Florida - and right at our house foundation, leaving gaps between gutter segments - so rain water poured between the segments right at our foundation... again, for some examples...). Dan told us that there was only one small area of wood rot found during the installation. Between the time of the roof installation and the gutter installation, I found a five foot section of facia that was rotted. Was that the area Dan referred to? I could not remove the facia to replace it as I would need to disturb the roof installation and thereby void the warranty. I did my best to repair it before the gutter installation (could have spent more time on it since the gutter guys were late...). Was what was reported to us another area? Now I wonder. We paid a high price ($24k +) for the best quality work we could find. I think we got good work on the shingle part but amateur work at best on the gutters. My fault, I should have done my own research and made my own decision on a gutter company. Dan should realize that all the effort he made and all the quality materials and workmanship put forward by he and Kaiser is degraded by the recommendation of an incompetent amateur to complement the roofing project. To Dan’s credit, he required “diverters” to be installed to try to divert rainwater away from the “gutter gaps” and into the gutters and offered to have the section of gutter with the hole cut into it replaced. No thanks. There were enough extra holes placed behind the gutters as it was. I fixed it. Kaiser seems to be a very good company. Stick with them and do your own research on other elements of your project.

Michael K of Duluth, GA | 2019-09-05

Kaiser did a fantastic job all around from the claim process to installing the last finishing nail on the roof.

Pamala S of Concord, NC | 2019-07-16

They were very good and efficient at what they did.

Amir R of Milford, OH | 2019-06-26

Rick Kaiser is very professional and very knowledgable.

Lewis M of Harrisburg, NC | 2019-06-06

All work and concerns were handled in a very professional manner and quick response, Alec was on top of everything for this job.

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