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CENVAR Roofing

522 Ratings
7 Walnut Ave | Vinton, VA 24179
(540) 909-3003
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Tom B of Roanoke, VA | 2020-07-04

Outstanding experience. I was thoroughly impressed with the professional service from start to finish. There was an issue with some plumbing vents and they stayed with it until it was rectified. I will highly recommend them.

Gerald C of Roanoke, VA | 2020-06-03

workers very proffesional and friendly

Bobby S of Radford, VA | 2020-05-30

They did excellent work and I was completely satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone.

Martha D of Salem, VA | 2020-05-21

I would highly recommend them. They did an outstanding job.

Bob O of Roanoke, VA | 2020-05-08

CENVAR was very professional from the sales presentation to the installation crew. The job manager explained everything in detail. I am pleased with our new roof.

Justin B of Roanoke, VA | 2020-05-07

Out of all the other companies' reviews that we looked at, Cenvar Roofing made me feel the most comfortable. They were wonderful to work with. They are very professional and trustworthy.

George A of Salem, VA | 2020-05-07

They did an excellent job. We are very happy with the look and the way everything matches so well. They did a really great job of cleaning up.

Ben C of Blue Ridge, VA | 2020-04-22

They were excellent all the way around!

Gilbert B of Roanoke, VA | 2020-04-17

They were the most organized group of people on any job I have had done in my home.

Jamey S of Fairlawn, VA | 2020-04-17

I would recommend them. They went above and beyond. The supervisor sent me pictures of everything. They were excellent.

Cory H of Salem, VA | 2020-04-17

They did an excellent job.

James M of Moneta, VA | 2020-04-01

They actually showed up earlier than they said they would and they did the job in a day and a half. I am really happy with the finished product, they did a great job.

Patrick S of Christiansbrg, VA | 2020-04-01

They are excellent at what they do. Whether it be the call takers or the workers, they do a fantastic job really pleased.

Ryan Z of Roanoke, VA | 2020-03-25

They were very, very professional. I am very satisfied with the roof. There are a couple of things that needed to be fixed and they came right out and fixed them. There are also some things that still need to be done and I am still talking to them about coming back out to do those. I am very satisfied with Cenvar.

Dennis B of Roanoke, VA | 2020-03-24

They were a very cooperative and helpful company. Due to the situation of my father passing and needing to get the work done on his roof. They were very helpful and got the work done quickly. They worked in windy weather conditions to get it completed.

Andrew T of Roanoke, VA | 2020-03-24

They were clean, timely and professional.

Amanda S of Roanoke, VA | 2020-03-19

I was very pleasantly surprised by how efficiently and smoothly the roof installation went. Alan, the foreman, and Titus, the supervisor, were great at explaining things to me during the installation. They put me at ease as I had several questions related to some water damage on the backside of my roof. Christian Kiefer was also very patient and thorough in his communication with me as I was making decisions in the beginning before installation and even during the process. He always seemed very knowledgeable about everything and I felt I could trust him. Going through such a large home project such as a roof can be anxiety producing especially as a single female. Christian communicated with me several times answering questions that I had (sometimes more than once) relating to the damage I had on my roof. Everyone representing Cenvar was professional. I give my highest recommendation to them!

Bill G of Vinton, VA | 2020-03-16

A 5 star company, Exceeded my expectations, A VERY professional and courteous company. I would HIGHLYrecommend them.

Steve M of Roanoke, VA | 2020-03-11

I was very pleased with them and I had them do a second home of ours.

Patrick S of Vinton, VA | 2020-02-12

They were very professional and gave me high quality work at a fair price.

Jimmy S of Roanoke, VA | 2020-02-04

I am satisfied with the company, their expertise, and professionalism.

John T of Roanoke, VA | 2020-02-03

Job well done!

Marylynn J of Roanoke, VA | 2020-01-30

I was most impressed by their professionalism and them going the extra mile.

Ralph T of Roanoke, VA | 2020-01-30

They were punctual and great to deal with. They were very efficient in their work.

Jay P of Pulaski, VA | 2020-01-29

They did everything excellent and I would recommend them to anybody!

Daniel B of Rocky Mount, VA | 2020-01-25

Only found one minor fault, when removing the old roof materials contractors need to plug all vent hole especially from bathroom vents. When I replaced my vent fan numerous roof materials were in the vent piping and needed to be removed.

Dave P of Roanoke, VA | 2020-01-07

From estimate to completion...could not be's how much it will's when will's how long it will take...done done and done...great job Cenvar!!!!!

Laura G of Blue Ridge, VA | 2020-01-07

The best quote and warranty out of 4.

Larry P of Roanoke, VA | 2019-12-17

Cenva Roofing performed flawlessly, used excellent material that arrived on time, and their work exceeded our expectations.

Tom H of Roanoke, VA | 2019-12-13

Cenvar did a great job, on time and within budget.

Jahue W of Roanoke, VA | 2019-12-11

They were very nice young men and they were very professional.

Thomas B of Roanoke, VA | 2019-11-20

They did a great job. Cenvar Roofing is a very honest company.

Beverly S of Roanoke, VA | 2019-10-29

They were really good with clean up. The young man even helped us carry in our groceries after we got home from the store.

Sandra S of Roanoke, VA | 2019-10-29

I was very pleased with the workmanship and they were wonderful, hard working people.

Tony T of Moneta, VA | 2019-10-28

Of all the companies I have dealt with they are probably the most professional and efficient company I have ever seen. It was great working with them and I will use them again for other roofing projects I need.

Harvey T of Roanoke, VA | 2019-10-26

From start of the process to the finish. Cenvar was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The sales presentation was very thorough and and answered all questions.. The team arrived as scheduled, worked very effectively and were very organized. No problems arose and communications were very good. The office staff was outstanding and very nice.

Mary A of Roanoke, VA | 2019-10-18

Very professional hard-working roofers. Went beyond their requirements. Very happy.

Patrick W of Roanoke, VA | 2019-10-16

I am very satisfied.

Joe G of Martinsville, VA | 2019-09-26

They were courteous, hard-working very knowledgeable. They worked fast and had great workmanship.

Randall C of Glade Hill, VA | 2019-09-19

They did a good job and it looks very good.

George W of Roanoke, VA | 2019-09-12

Christian was very and the crew was good and polite. Zack Newton was very professional and did a great job.

Michael G of Roanoke, VA | 2019-09-05

They were fantastic, I would use them again a heartbeat!

Wilbert H of Moneta, VA | 2019-09-05

I am very satisfied with Cenvar Roofing. They were very professional and caring.

James H of Roanoke, VA | 2019-09-05

I was very pleased with the work that Cenvar Roofing did!

ThreeStrand C of Blacksburg, VA | 2019-08-29

Cenvar Roofing's sales representative was very professional, very knowledgeable and conducted himself in an exemplary manner. All of our interactions with Cenvar were very professional and very well handled.

John K of Roanoke, VA | 2019-08-29

I highly recommend the professionalism which I received from the sales rep and the manager on the project. They worked very strong in very hot weather, they got the job done and had excellent cleanup. So I am very appreciated of what they did, I admire their work ethic and will recommend which I already have to some of my real estate investors. I think if you keep the high quality you have done for me and maintain what you have shown me, you will go very far and have a good reputation. Thank you so much.

Rich & Linda G of Salem, VA | 2019-08-23

We were very pleased with the work!

Sonny & Beverly R of Salem, VA | 2019-08-22

They did everything they said they were going to and they did a good job. I'm pretty happy with the job.

Calvin C of Roanoke, VA | 2019-08-22

They did a fine job on that, and the gutter too!

Diane L of Roanoke, VA | 2019-08-14

Titus the project manager was very helpful and did a good job.

Mel & Linda Z of Moneta, VA | 2019-08-09

Cenvar Roofing was on time. They didn't leave a mess. They did quality work and the staff was very easy to work with!

Richard M of Roanoke, VA | 2019-08-08

From the initial sales pitch to the final cleanup, Lynchburg Roofing was on time, professional, very organized, knowledgeable, and efficient.

Ruth C of Moneta, VA | 2019-08-07

Cenvar Roofing was courteous and professional, and clean. They showed up on time and did the job right.

David R of Roanoke, VA | 2019-08-01

They were highly professional, friendly, prompt, and clean. I would definitely tell anyone to use them. I am very proud of the job they did for me.

Kelly C of Roanoke, VA | 2019-08-01

They did good work, but they did leave some nails in the driveway and it punctured a tire. Everything else was fine with the quality of work that they did.

Graham P of Thaxton, VA | 2019-08-01

Everyone from Cenvar Roofing did a superb job!

Michael F of Christiansbrg, VA | 2019-07-31

The staff was very communicative. They were quick and efficient. They did a great job on the roof and I was extremely happy with my experience with them.

Debbie G of Vinton, VA | 2019-07-29

I think the supervisor went above and beyond on everything. He even helped me do things that had nothing to do wit the roof.

Dave S of Salem, VA | 2019-07-26

Very satisfied and very professional. We had one concern and took care of that day.

Joyce N of Vinton, VA | 2019-07-24

The gentlemen who did the work they were very hard workers and the foreman was so great, he said he loved his job and it shows. They were excellent!

Henry P of Roanoke, VA | 2019-07-23

Lynchburg installed it professionally and the customer service was great.

Bill B of Hardy, VA | 2019-07-22

The work was extremely well performed! The guy showed up very early and it wasn't near as noisy as I was told it was going to be. Other than the cleanup, I was extremely satisfied and I would recommend Lynchburg Roofing to anyone.

Beckie M of Roanoke, VA | 2019-07-15

They were professional, efficient, and I am very pleased with the results.

Barrett I of Riner, VA | 2019-07-15

Unlike dealing with other contractors, they did exactly what they said they would do. They did a really good job.

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