Living Safely is one of Owens Corning’s six corporate values that includes workplace, as well as safety beyond the workplace. We believe that all accidents are preventable and our commitment to safety is unconditional. Our goal is to eliminate all workplace injuries and demonstrate our progress in our march to zero by improving our safety performance each and every year as demonstrated by our recordable incident rate.

We are proud to be among several leading companies who have banned the use of cell phones by the driver of a vehicle to conduct company business. We now have four years of experience with this policy and remain even more convinced that we are a safer company as a result This is a great example of our company’s passion to identify risk in advance of injury and taking action to prevent it.

In 2015, we implemented a new Leading Indicators program which is a collection of data, based on a detailed analysis of previous injuries, which indicate when the level of risk of someone being injured in a facility may be increasing or decreasing. Collecting this data each month provides visibility to the changing level of risk and gives local leadership the opportunity to intervene and reduce that risk before an incident occurs. The Leading Indicator metrics at Owens Corning fall into one of four functional areas: Human Resources, Operations, Maintenance, and Safety. The respective functional leaders at each plant are responsible for populating the data and documenting their action plan for any elevated levels of risk identified. The Plant Leader owns the execution of the process at their facility and is expected to ensure that the data is completed accurately each month and that appropriate actions are being taken to reduce that risk. The process also provides visibility to senior leaders within each function of increasing risk levels across their business and the entire company to ensure proper actions is being taken and resources are provided as needed.

The hazard recognition and control certification program teaches employees specific techniques to identify hazards unique to their work environment, how to quantify the risk associated with those hazards, and how to develop appropriate corrective actions to reduce the risk based on the hierarchy of controls. The program allows employees to become certified by demonstrating their ability to apply the concepts in their work environment, validate risk reduction, and teach their co-workers the basic concepts of hazard recognition. We currently have over 439 employees globally certified as hazard recognition and control specialists and 27 certified as trainers in the program.

We regularly participate in presentations at conferences, including the National Safety Council annual congress, ASSE annual meetings, and many other professional organizations that our employees actively participate in.

We have visited many other companies to benchmark and learn best practices and have hosted many companies (large and small) as we share our practices and leanings to help them improve their safety performance and programs.

Key Performance Indicators

  • While we are committed to eliminating all workplace injuries, our goal is to make progress in our march to zero by demonstrating a reduction in the number of injuries year over year.
  • Achieved a modest reduction in the year-over-year employee recordable incident rate -- all while operating at a very high level of safety performance following a decade of over 90% injury reduction.
  • We have registered a significant reduction in the severity of incidents yet our work is not done. We are committee to eliminating all workplace injuries as we march to zero.
  • Our Recordable Incident Rate in 2016 was a modest improvement from 2015 and 85% below the industry average as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2015 (the most recent data available). If Owens Corning was performing at the industry average for safety we would have incurred approximately 490 additional injuries vs our 90 reported in 2016.


A distinguishing feature of Owens Corning’s commitment to safety, health and wellness is the leadership and successful collaborations with other leading companies and organizations in this area. We truly can learn and improve together.