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Expanding our product handprint

Reducing the negative impacts of our operations is critical, but it is not enough. With the company’s purpose in mind, we define sustainability as meeting the needs of the present while leaving the world a better place for the future.

Our products can help our customers, their customers, and consumers meet their own sustainability goals. For instance, our insulation makes buildings more energy efficient, and our glass-reinforced composites enable longer, stronger, lighter blades for wind turbines, which brings down the cost of wind energy. We believe that shifting to a circular economy is critical for a sustainable future. This concept influences our aspirations and approach to sustainability.

Product Handprint Aspiration: Offer the most recognized and preferred products for sustainability.

We offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of our customers because of their quality and performance. When the full life-cycles of those products are designed for sustainability, it’s good for Owens Corning, the people who use our products, and the environment. Collaboration across our supply chain is vital for this goal.

Over the next decade, our goal is to increase these sustainable benefits in our products:

Circular Economy Aspiration: Every raw material or resource, extracted for our products/processes, remains in the economy indefinitely.

Of all our aspirations, this is the one that will require the most collaboration, because it requires reimagining the way we use the Earth’s resources. This is an exciting ambition that starts immediately and, necessarily, goes well beyond 2030.

Read more about our product sustainability in our Annual Sustainability Report.