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Our Approach

Shrinking Our Footprint Increasing Our Handprint

Handprint Over Footprint

At Owens Corning, we measure our true impact by comparing our footprint with our handprint. Our footprint refers to the negative impact that happens over the course of doing business. Our handprint, though, refers to the positive impacts we have on the world — environmentally and socially. We measure our footprint in terms of the impacts our products have over their entire life cycle, as well as the impacts that are part of our everyday operations. We measure our handprint in terms of any reductions we make to our footprint, as well as our positive influence on our employees, our suppliers, and the members of the communities where we serve.

To assess our handprint, we think in terms of product lifecycles, from the development of a product, through its manufacturing, to its end of life. That means we are looking at not only our operations, but also those of our suppliers and others who touch our products or interact with our company. This creates new opportunities for us and our stakeholders to positively impact our environment, foster vital communities, and engage our employees around the world.

Ultimately, our goal is to be a net-positive company — one in which our handprint exceeds our footprint. Through our products and our actions, we seek to be a company that not only boosts energy efficiency in homes and workplaces, but also leads the way in environmental protection, community involvement, and investment in our employees and stakeholders.