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Enter a New Way ofIn-Home Estimating

Introducing the Owens Corning® ProSell™ app, powered by Leap, brings you one of the best in-home sales tools on the market. Now generate real-time, digital estimates and contracts based on Owens Corning’s roofing specs. This means no more manual calculations, brochures and paperwork.

Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network Members Here’s Your Exclusive Offer PROMO ENDS SEPTEMBER 30, 2019!

10 Users
Waved Set-Up Fee
Upgrade Anytime
ProSell™ Features

End-to-end sales app

Help improve close rates using this one-stop resource that seamlessly helps you move the customer through the sales funnel.

Selection Made Easy

Determine how much material is needed, match the Owens Corning® Roofing product to the project and share product options to expedite customer selections during one on-site visit.

Sign, Seal, Deliver

Finalize the contract signature and process credit card down payments on-the-spot.

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Present automated sales pitch


Share product options to expedite selections


Match the product to the project


Build a contract on-site


Determine how much material is needed on-site

Frequently Asked Questions

ProSell™ is a digital app designed to help Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network (OCCN) members sell roofing projects from the convenience of the kitchen table. This complete end-to-end professional sales tool revolutionizes moving homeowners through purchase decisions to close the sale without interruptions or delays.
The ProSell app includes everything the contractor needs to sell a roofing project, from the pitch book and product data, to efficient and accurate estimating, through contracting, financing, and down payment. Available on the iOS App Store, this exclusive app provides a seamless step-by-step process efficiently leading the homeowner from the sales pitch to the contract. In addition, the ProSell app connects to other tools you already use like EagleView®, Hover, and Service Finance Company.
The ProSell app is a simple to implement and use tool designed specifically to sell Owens Corning® Roofing products. The Leap app supports other project types including siding and windows including competitor product lines. OCCN members are eligible to receive a 10 percent discount on the Leap costs, that typically average $100 per month.
Today the ProSell app is only available on Apple® devices.

The value proposition of this software centers on improving the efficiency of moving the customer through the sales funnel. Since time is money, the ProSell app was built to help roofing contractors convert leads to help close more jobs – quickly and digitally. In addition, the integrated digital tool makes the entire sales process more professional and easy for both the salesperson and the homeowner – helping to improve close rates! The software capabilities compress the time and steps involved with a sales decision, so the entire process can take place at the kitchen table:

  • Pitching: Digital sales pitch presentation
  • Estimating: Determine how much material is needed on-site, linking to EagleView and Hover
  • Quoting: Match the product to the project
  • Selecting: Share product options to expedite selections
  • Contracting: Build a contract on-site
  • Signing: Electronically sign the contract
  • Financing: Financing and loan applications links to Service Finance Company
  • Processing: On-the-spot down payment credit card processing
Owens Corning is a digital leader offering the technological tools OCCN members need to win in their market. The addition of the ProSell app to the OCConnect™ Resource Center helps it remain a one-stop resource for contractors anytime, anywhere 24/7.
Yes, the ProSell app is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with other software programs contractors already use like EagleView and Service Finance Company.
Through September 30, 2019 Owens Corning is offering the following:
  • Free 12 month trial period for all OCCN members, up to 10 users per company.
  • After the initial 12 months, interested members will be responsible for the payment estimated at approximately $35 per month.
  • Owens Corning is also waiving the $500 one-time setup fee.
  • Contractors can also upgrade their version of the ProSell app software at any time to access even more added benefits at an additional cost.
As a point of reference, the pricing without the Owens Corning promotion includes the $500 setup fee and a monthly cost of $35. Additional payment is required though for the remote signature feature (at a cost of $5 per homeowner) and the secure payment feature (at a cost of $150 a month plus $2 per payment type).
Simply visit or visit the OCConnect Resource Center to learn more.
Yes, users are required to input their credit card credentials when signing up for their ProSell app account. Having a credit card on file allows for additional flexibility in the event that the account user chooses to enable features that require additional payment, including the remote signature feature and the secure payment feature. The payment on file can also help users add team members beyond the 10 free promotional users or extend the membership when the promotion period ends. See Question 8 for additional payment details.
The current app allows contractors to delete shingle lines that are not available in their area to filter out products that do not apply. As a result, these products will not show up when in the app. The app functionality will highlight products that are available nationwide. A back-end filter to recognize where the user is located and automatically recognize Owens Corning® products available in that region is currently underway.

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