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Expanding our social handprint

Net-positive means more than working for a healthy planet. Our aspiration also drives our work to support healthy people and thriving communities. We recognize that with growth comes responsibility, and as a global company, we are positioned to be a force for good for the people who are touched by our company.

Safety Aspiration: To eliminate all employee, contractor and visitor injuries and occupational illnesses at work and at home.

Because of our long-standing commitment to this aspiration, Owens Corning is among the safest industrial companies in the world. We are proud of this success, and grateful for every safety milestone we’ve reached on the journey. When one of our sites has a record number of injury-free months (or years), it inspires us by showing that our aspiration is possible. We never set a safety goal that is anything less ambitious than eliminating all injuries. We work to inspire employees, contractors and visitors to integrate safety awareness and processes into their activities at home and in their communities. We will:

  • Systematically assess and rank the risk of the tasks employees, contractors and visitors perform and the equipment with which they work.

  • Emphasize the elimination of risks that could lead to the most serious injuries.
  • Make it impossible for injuries and illnesses to occur.

    Ideally, we’ll do this by designing equipment and processes to eliminate risk. When an engineering solution isn’t possible, we will continue to evaluate and implement strong rules and policies and ensure use of appropriate protective equipment to keep people away from hazards.

  • In new or newly acquired sites, achieve a level of safety at least equivalent to the rest of Owens Corning within one year.

Wellness Aspiration: We aspire to eliminate all lifestyle induced disease and enable the best possible quality of life – where people flourish and are healthier because they work for OC.

While complying with privacy laws and local expectations, we will use accessible data, as well as health and behavioral science, to define metrics that will guide our strategies and tactics to achieve our goals. We will be guided by the progress-challenge of the U.S. Healthy People 2030 and WHO Global Action Plan.

Community Aspiration: 100% of our employees are actively engaged in their communities

Our teams around the globe enjoy volunteering their time and talents to their local communities. The Owens Corning Foundation supports, encourages, and recognizes employee giving and volunteerism through a variety of programs.

  • Interim Goal - 100% of facilities are formally engaged in community outreach by 2022.

    As we work toward our aspiration of engaging every employee in community outreach activities, we continue to encourage participation from all facilities in company-sponsored outreach.

Inclusion and Diversity Aspiration: To be a company that listens to and understands our employees so that all our employees feel valued, understood and inspired to bring their authentic selves to work every day.

We are committed to being an inclusive workplace as we remove barriers and empower all employees to unlock their full potential. We seek to attract and develop the industry’s best talent, rich in diversity and highly capable. Our reputation and track record demonstrate that all employees can succeed and thrive. This reality opens new talent pools and leads to workforce and leadership teams that are connected to and reflective of the communities in which we live, work, and serve.

Our aspiration inspires us to meaningfully measure and continuously improve recruitment, retention, training and development, mentorship and sponsorship, professional growth, and employee engagement. We will advance our external reputation through transparency and we will earn recognition for successes in inclusion and diversity.

  • Ensure pay equity through periodic third-party reviews and ongoing internal analytics.

  • Build and support inclusive and diverse workforces and leadership teams that reflect the communities in which we live, work, and serve.

  • Retain diverse candidatesproportional to the communities in which we live, work and serve.

  • Increase internal succession with an emphasis on expanding the number of female candidates, underrepresented minorities, and representation of cultures from around the world.

Read more about our social handprint in our Annual Sustainability Report.