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Owens Corning 2020 Environmental Footprint Goals

Owens Corning established its first set of 10-year footprint reduction goals in 2002. Because we had significantly reduced our environmental footprint by the end of 2010, we established a new set of footprint reduction goals for 2020.

In October of 2015, we announced we had met our greenhouse gas and toxic air emissions goals ahead of schedule. At that time we made a decision to increase our 2020 commitments of 50 percent and 75 percent reductions for these environmental impacts respectively, and incorporated science-based greenhouse gas target-setting methodology into our strategy.

As we work to define our next set of long-term goals, we are raising the bar on our commitment to sustainability. Our holistic approach encompasses our environmental footprint, the attributes of our products, and our desire to affect change by partnering with our customers and suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions.

We are proud to report on our progress against our environmental footprint reduction goals. We’ve also included several other progress notes which we feel are important to our stakeholders and provide transparency to our initiatives.

2019 Progress on Sustainability Goals

2020 Environmental Footprint Goals

For more information on our programs and efforts related to our goals, view our annual Sustainability Report (PDF) .