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Environmental, Health, Safety and Product Stewardship Policy

Owens Corning is committed to the principles of environmental sustainability, product stewardship and to the safety and health of our employees.

To ensure a continuing commitment to these principles, Owens Corning is dedicated to:

Safety and Health

  • Providing safe working conditions.
  • Promoting the health and well-being of our employees.

Environmental Protections and Sustainability

  • Conserving resources, preventing waste, reducing greenhouse gases, and protecting the environment and local communities.
  • Continual improvement in our EHS performance and pollution-prevention efforts.

Product Stewardship

  • Manufacturing products that perform as claimed, and which are safe and environmentally sound to make, use, and dispose of.
  • Providing useful information regarding the performance and safe use of our products.

Owens Corning’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is a collection of policies and procedures to manage environmental performance in a facility including compliance, footprint reduction and management systems. The system is a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets and focuses environmental improvement programs. All facilities globally are required to implement the system, track progress, and performance self-audits, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases and air emissions, preventing groundwater pollution, improving energy efficiency, reducing water usage intensity, and responsibly managing our process water and waste.

Owens Corning’s EMS includes the following elements:

  • Environmental policies that provide a framework setting and reviewing our environmental objectives, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • An action plan to achieve objectives and targets based on our policies and environmental aspects and impacts.
  • A system wherein all required environmental tasks are assigned to appropriate personnel and completed correctly and on time.
  • An organizational structure that identifies specific environmental authorities and responsibilities.
  • Assurances that personnel have the training and competency needed to carry out assigned work related to environmental impacts.
  • Procedures that outline how environmental information is communicated internally and externally.
  • Processes for the storage, retrieval, and retention of environmental records.
  • Operating procedures to control environmental impacts, updated according to the Management of Change process.
  • Documented emergency procedures and plans for responding to known and potential emergency situations that could have an impact on the environment, in alignment an EHS Emergency Response Plan.
  • A process to identify, report, investigate, and correct non-conformities.
  • Periodic assessments to ensure the effectiveness of the EMS and its progress toward meeting its environmental objectives and targets.

For any merger or acquisition, once embedded into Owens Corning, the facility is trained on the Owens Corning Environmental Management System and a tracking mechanism developed to ensure full implementation.

Any entity doing business with Owens Corning is expected to follow the principles contained in the Environmental, Health, Safety, and Product Stewardship policy