Consumer Goods, Electrical and Electronics


OptiSpray™ solutions provide optimum wetting for good surface finish and mechanical strength in spray‐up applications. TeleStrand™ roving brings stiffness to UV‐cured pultrusion of FRP central strength members in optical fiber cables.

Aesthetics & Design Flexibility

The two main aesthetic requirements in consumer goods applications is an excellent and consistent surface finish. In addition, flexibility of design from flat to complex shapes for a diverse range of end-use such as in domestic appliances and electrical and electronics devices, to boats, swimming pools and sanitary applications is essential. The right combination of glass reinforcements and resin enable fiber flat lay-down, uniform dispersion and optimum wetting which contributes to and provides surface quality. Easy processing and material handling helps make a variety of composite shapes.

Mechanical Performance

Across the large spectrum of consumer and electrical and electronics applications, composites can offer a very broad range of mechanical performance including stiffness versus strength, impact and/or temperature resistance, low thermal and electrical conductivity, and dimensional stability.


Concerning consumer goods, the right glass fiber reinforcements, which are inert, water resistant and corrosion resistant, enable durable composite solutions solve surface degradation in humid environments and thereby offer an extended service life.

Durability water slide image courtesy of Polin Waterparks-Turkey

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