Performax®, Hydrostrand® and other Owens Corning solutions help redefine surface appearance, or reduce weight without sacrificing performance, in Class‐A parts, structural components, LFT/CFRT and glycol or hydrolysis resistant applications. Silentex® products help with efficient exhaust sound dampening systems.

Aesthetics & Design Flexibility

With increasing competition between auto makers and the variety of materials available, composites help meet the stringent standards for surface finishes which can differ depending on end-use application. Class A surface finish is essential for passenger vehicles and heavy trucks. A good surface quality is required for panel components for public mass transit vehicles and cargo transportation, and good surface appearance behind gel coats can be achieved in small and medium series such as recreational vehicles.

Mechanical Performance

Mechanical performance is a key requirement in transportation end-use applications where composites are enabling metal substitution supporting the light-weighting trend. Both thermoplastic and thermoset glass reinforced solutions for structural or semi-structural parts offer a range of specific stiffness vs. strength properties, in high-heat, chemical, glycol, or corrosive automotive environments.


Automotive vehicle noise control is a strict requirement in our daily environment and glass fiber reinforced solutions provide an exhaust sound dampening system that is effective, light in weight and low in cost.


Start-stop engines, or vehicles that make frequent stops, need advanced battery technologies which offer increased performance and lifespan. This is an area where specific glass fiber solutions provide benefits.

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