Industrial and Infrastructure


Pipestrand™ solutions help potential lower material cost in water infrastructure with high mechanical performance combined with increased filament winding manufacturing efficiency. Ultrapipe® fabrics serve the glass based cured-in‐place‐pipe (CIPP) applications.

Aesthetics & Design Flexibility

In the industrial and infrastructure market, some applications need an opaque and smooth surface to make them aesthetically pleasing. Glass veil, mat and some fabrics-based composites can be designed to strengthen the resin-rich gelcoat surface of the part that provides a strong bond with the underlying laminate enhancing surface appearance by masking the coarse reinforcing fiber pattern.

Mechanical Performance

Industrial and infrastructure applications exposed to harsh environments such as extreme temperatures or high pressure operating conditions, require superior mechanical properties and efficient processing. Beyond weight reduction, that helps easy installation and potential savings in structural and foundation costs, glass fiber-based composite solutions provide strong mechanical advantages including axial tensile strength and interlaminate shear strength, and burst stress.


In tough corrosive environments, glass fiber-based composite solutions are facilitating durable industrial and infrastructure applications and offer a longer service life – more than 20 years depending on the application - through high hydro-thermo stability and strength retention under pressurized conditions and by reducing the overall of the effects of corrosion. Glass composites can be combined with other materials like concrete and are technically well positioned versus traditional materials including steel, stainless steel, alloys, helping cost control.

Pipe in nature hero image courtesy of Amiantit

Aesthetics image courtesy of Potok-M LLC-RU

Mechanical Performance image courtesy of Amiantit

Durability image courtesy of University of Miami campus

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