M705 chopped strand mat represents a compelling solution to hand lay up high glass content and thin laminates balanced with good mechanical properties.


Performance Attributes

Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f EASY HANDLING AND MOLDABILITY
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f PROCESS EFFICIENCY
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f BALANCED PERFORMANCES
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f ENHANCED SERVICE LIFE
  • Easy Handling & Moldability

    Optimized chop length mix provides good confirmability to complex contoured molds.

  • Process Efficiency

    Fast wetting and quick air release help reduce the labor required to roll out the part.

  • Balanced Performances

    Moderate impregnation speed reduces resin consumption, resulting in thinner laminate with high glass content, and improved mechanical properties.

  • Enhanced Service Life

    Compared to standard E-glass, Advantex® glass helps with enhanced service life in applications facing corrosion.



M705 mat is designed for use with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester resin systems in hand lay-up applications including automotive parts, boats, chemical tanks and pools. (Image courtesy Ansaldo, Italy; for application illustration only).

Automotive - Marine - Industrial

Technical Information


M705 is available in Europe and in Asia. Additional weights and widths are available upon request by your Owens Corning contact.

Nominal Mat Weight (g/cm2) Roll Width (cm)
300 - 450 – 600 - 900 95 - 104 - 125

Packaging (Standard Reference)

Each roll is wound on a 76mm cardboard tube and placed inside a polyethylene bag and cardboard box. The boxed product is then placed vertically on a wooden pallet and shrink-wrapped for stability and protection.

Nominal Roll Width (cm) Roll Ø (cm) Rolls per Pallet Pallet Size (cm)
95 -125 30 12 127x97
104 27 16 113x113


Each roll bears a label detailing the product description, product code, nominal weight, roll width, roll number, and date of manufacture.


Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended to store glass fiber products in a cool, dry area. Ideal conditions are at a temperature between 10°C and 35°C and a relative humidity between 35% and 85%. The glass fiber products must remain in their original packaging material until the point of usage. If the storage temperature is below 15°C, it is recommended that the product be stored in the workshop, within its original packaging, at least 24 hours prior to use to help prevent condensation. The packaging is not waterproof. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water. When stored properly, the product can be used up to 2 years from the date of manufacture, and retesting is advised after 1 year from the initial production date to insure optimum performance.


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