Multi-End Roving


Higher Performance For Transportation And Beyond

ME1510 represents a compelling solution for structural applications requiring high mechanical properties. This multi-end roving product increases physical properties – enabling vehicle light weighting, increased fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.


Performance Attributes

Excellent Processability
Outstanding Mechanical Properties
Enhanced Service Life
No Odor
  • Excellent Processability

    Due to excellent wettability in epoxy and phenolic matrices, very high glass content is achievable, enabling excellent processability while compounding.

  • Outstanding Mechanical Properties

    Superior strength and flexural modulus enable light weighting in vehicles to increase fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and increase range in electric vehicles.

  • Enhanced Service Life

    Advantex® glass helps fight corrosion, enhancing service life compared to standard E-glass.

  • Fire Resistant

    Compatible with phenolic resins used in fire resistance applications such as electric vehicles.

  • No Odor

    Epoxy resin system meets low odor requirements in vehicles.

  • Sheet Molding Compound Applications

    ME1510 is designed to provide optimal performance in Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) applications including: automotive structural parts, electric vehicles, and critical industrial applications that require higher mechanical properties such as oil and gas exploration.


Technical Information


Doff Characteristics
Product Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Nominal Weight (kg)
Internal External
ME1510 2400 and 4800 TEX 76 285 to 290 254 20.5

Technical Characteristics

Linear Weight Of Roving Loss On Ignition (%) iso 1887: 1995 Moisture Content (%) iso 3344: 1997
2400 and 4800 TEX 207 and 103 Yeild 0.7 ≤ 0.18


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