Type 30™ Single-End Roving

PipeStrand® S2300

For high-performance filament-wound epoxy applications

Maximize Performance, Minimize Cost

PipeStrand® S2300 is made for fabricators that want to reduce material cost, while increasing the performance of their filament wound products. Designed to increase production efficiency, while providing excellent hydro-thermal stability under pressurized conditions.

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Performance Attributes

Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f Outstanding Mechanical Properties
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f Reduce Cost
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f Great Strand Wet-out
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f Long Service Life
  • Outstanding Mechanical Properties

    Excellent properties in both amine and anhydride curing systems; improved axial tensile strength, inter-laminate shear strength and burst stress for high performance filament wound epoxy applications.

  • Reduce Cost

    Designed for use in filament winding, in both epoxy amine and anhydride curing systems — giving flexibility with one glass input and higher glass loading.

  • Great Strand Wet-out

    Excellent processing range, fast wetting and smooth pipe surface.

  • Long Service Life

    Excellent hydro-thermo stability and strength retention under pressurized conditions, leading to long service life for installed pipe.

  • Application: High-performance epoxy pipe markets

    PipeStrand® S2300 roving is specifically designed to match the unique needs of the high-performance epoxy pipe market. Compatible with epoxy resin and various curing systems in the amine and anhydride families, the roving serves a variety of applications: power & energy (refineries, power plants, off-shore platforms), industrial (petrochemical), transportation (marine) and water distribution (water desalination, water treatment, sewage, etc). PipeStrand® S2300 product can meet pipe user requirements for high mechanical properties, durability, corrosion resistance, and low weight.

Technical Information

Tex Yield Region Available
600 827 EU
735 675 CIS
1200 413 NA, EU, CIS
2000 250 NA, CIS, LA
2400 207 NA, EU, CIS


Rovings are available in a single-end internal-pull package. Pallets are stretch wrapped for load stability. All doffs are wrapped with Tack-PakTM or shrinkable film for protection during transport. More information is available in the Customer Acceptance Standards.


Each individual package is labeled with information including: product name, tex/ yield, producing plant, and production date.


It is recommended to store glass fiber products in a cool, dry area. The glass fiber products must remain in their original packaging material until the point of usage. The product should be stored in the workshop in its original packaging for 48 hours prior to its utilization, to allow it to reach the workshop temperature condition and prevent condensation, especially during the cold season. The packaging is not waterproof. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water.


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