Single-End Roving for Phenolic Resin Systems


Superior Processing, Maximum Integrity

SE8380 Type 30® is specifically designed with fast wet-out, good processing, and corrosion resistance, to maximize strand integrity in applications where low smoke and excellent fire retardance are required.


Performance Attributes

Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f EXCELLENT PROCESSING
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f CORROSION RESISTANT
Default checkmark 532c0226933c1e8d3a627c06fe543a847c8fd37eb08cacd61b6a83b3fc0c769f INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY
  • Increase Productivity

    Fast wet-out resulting in no catenary for improved run-outs

  • Excellent Processing

    Reduced downtime, smoother parts and improved machine efficiencies

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Excellent corrosion resistance with Advantex® Glass compared to standard E-glass: providing longer service life in applications facing corrosion.



Pultrusion applications requiring phenolic resin, where low smoke and fire retardance are required, as well as, various marine applications.

Grating and Rails in Off-shore Oil Platforms

Technical Information

Physical Properties (Nominal)

Property Linear Density* % Organic Solids Nominal Filament Diameter Micron**
Tex (GM/KM) Yield (YD/LB)
SE 8380 113 4400 113 0.55 23

*Linear densities specified = bare glass + sizing. Test Procedure: W-07Da is an Owens-Corning test procedure. Copies are available on request.
**The data in the following section is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a specification. Test Procedure: Filament Diameter is calculated.

Product Availability

This product is available in North America and Latin America


Rovings are available in a single-end internal-pull package. Each pallet weighs about 1 ton and can be packaged in bulk or Creel-Pak® packaging format. Pallets are stretch-wrapped for load stability and for protection during transport. All packages are wrapped with Tack-Pak® packaging to aid package run-out and transfer. More information is available in the Customer Acceptance Standards.


Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended to store glass fiber products in a cool, dry area. The packaging is not waterproof. Be sure to protect the product from the weather and other sources of water. The product should be stored in the workshop, within its original packaging, 48 hours prior to its utilization. It is recommended that SE8380 Type 30® Single-end Roving be used in resin within 18 months for manufacture. The best storage conditions are temperatures between 7°C and 33°C and humidity 80% or less.


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