Type 30 Roving

Ultrablade® HE

A fabric to Reduce Your Lay-Up Time

Ultrablade® HE is a high-efficiency fabric designed to reduce the amount of material layers needed to lay-up in a blade mold. Ultrablade® HE offers process advantages that will help save labor costs while maximizing the speed performance compared to existing UD fabrics.

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Performance Attributes

Saved Labor Cost
High Blade Performance
Improved Permeability
  • Product Benefits

    <ul> <li>Saved labor costs and time</li> <li>Lower resin consumption</li> <li>Improved permeability</li> <li>Reduce lay-up time, maintaining blade performance</li> </ul>

Technical Information

Technical Characteristics (Single-End Roving)

Ultrablade® High Efficiency Fabric Product Range

Ultrablade LTx 1200-2000 Unidirectional Spar Cap

Product Availability

We’re happy to offer XSTRAND(R) in all regions.

Applications: Wind Blade Production

  • Spar Caps


Information available upon request.


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