Toughest 3D Printing Filament Available

Why XSTRAND®? Stronger. Tougher. Better.

Developed to meet the demands of the real world, this is the leading industrial product in 3D printing for advanced manufacturing. XSTRAND® high performance composite filaments print products with superior strength, dynamic temperature resistance, and extreme durability.

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Why Xstrand?

Materials comparison charting the properties of XSTRAND® filaments with the other common filaments.

Extreme Durability
Superior Strength
Functional Prototyping

XSTRAND® GF30-PA6 Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6 Filament

XSTRAND® GF30-PA6 is a reinforced PA6 nylon filament with 30% glass fiber, making it up to 250% stronger than carbon fiber reinforced ABS. GF30-PA6 delivers extreme durability and a large operational temperature range making it perfect to meet all your needs.

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Industrial Tooling & Fixtures
Industrial Tooling & Fixtures
Electronics & Small Appliances
Electronics & Small Appliances

XSTRAND® GF30-PP Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Filament

XSTRAND® GF30-PP is a reinforced polypropylene filament with 30% glass fiber content. GF30-PP delivers superior strength and chemical and UV resistance. With low moisture absorption, this filament is perfect for sports and leisure applications.

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Electronics & Small Appliances
Sports & Leisure

XSTRAND® GF30-PC Glass Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate Filament

XSTRAND® GF30-PC is the first glass reinforced polycarbonate filament. GF30-PC delivers high heat deflection temperature and dimensional stability. This filament is flame retardant and electrical insulating, making it perfect for automotive or mechanical engineering applications.

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Mechanical Engineering

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Stronger. Tougher. Better.

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