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ME: Multi-End Roving

OptiSpray® F Roving

The OptiSpray® F solution is a high performance multi-end roving glass reinforcement, designed for a variety of end use applications. It provides fabricators with a solution to issues associated with increased resin demand and lower glass loading.

ME: Multi-End Roving

Cem-FIL® Roving 5325

Cem-FIL® 5325 rovings have a high elastic modulus and tensile strength making it ideal as an effective reinforcement for cement/concrete matrices. It will not rot or corrode and is unaffected by UV radiation, making it suitable for use with minimal cover.

ME: Multi-End Roving

Cem-FIL® Roving 62.4

Cem-FIL® Alcali-Resistant fibers have been designed to reinforce topping mortars used either as a leveling solution to make the floors smooth and level, but also as the final layer with the addition of pigments.

ME: Multi-End Roving

Cem-FIL® Roving 62/70

Cem-FIL® AR-glass fibers give the mortar a uniformly dispersed network of fibers that will significantly improve the thixotropy and the resistance to plastic shrinkage cracking.

ME: Multi-End Roving

Cem-FIL® Roving/Chopped strands 50/60/70/5325

Cem-FIL® AR-glass fiber solutions for GRC has been used to produce architectural facades on many of the world’s most prestigious buildings in more than 120 countries.

ME: Multi-End Roving

EP SMC roving 1510

The ME1510 multi-end roving is designed for epoxy sheet molding compound (SMC) systems, and helps with superior strength and flexural modulus, fast impregnation and excellent process characteristics in SMC.

ME: Multi-End Roving

OC Paneluxe™ Roving

OC Paneluxe™ multi-end roving is designed for use with polyester and vinyl-ester resins in a wide range of applications, enabling continuous lamination of translucent and opaque panels.

ME: Multi-End Roving

PE/VE SMC roving ME1960

The ME1960 multi-end roving is designed for use with PE/VE resins or blends and for the manufacture of Sheet Molding Compound used in general purpose and transportation applications such as sanitary products, heavy truck/bus/train interior and exterior parts

ME: Multi-End Roving

ME1975 SMC Roving

The Advantex® ME1975 glass fiber multi-end roving is designed for use in Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Class A applications in automotive and transportation markets.

ME: Multi-End Roving


ME1510 represents a compelling solution for structural applications requiring high mechanical properties. This multi-end roving product increases physical properties – enabling vehicle light weighting, increased fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

ME: Multi-End Roving


OC HiLight® multi-end roving represents a compelling solution for panels where excellent translucency performance is required.

ME: Multi-End Roving


P244 multi-end roving represents a robust solution for reinforcing light weight and high stiffness composite materials through demanding chopping conditions.

ME: Multi-End Roving


495 multi-end roving represents a compelling solution for enhancing reinforcement when highly demanding mechanical performance are required, especially in pipe applications.

ME: Multi-End Roving

973 & 973CX1

973 family of products represents a compelling solution for Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Class A & semi-structural parts where efficient processing, superior surface finish and mechanical properties are required.

ME: Multi-End Roving


P204 multi-end roving represents a versatile solution for a wide range of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) applications, especially where reduced glass changeovers are needed when manufacturing multiple types of parts.

ME: Multi-End Roving


957 multi-end roving represents a compelling solution for SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) applications where UV stability and high mechanical properties are required.


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