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T30: Single-End Roving

Performax® roving 4849

The Performax® SE4849 roving has been designed for hot-melt compounding process, and for pultrusion process to manufacture unidirectional continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tapes.

T30: Single-End Roving

Performax® roving 4850

The Performax® SE4850 roving has been designed for direct compounding DLFT applications requiring intricate function integration, particularly in automotive (structural and semi-structural challenging complex parts) and overall system cost reduction.

T30: Single-End Roving

PipeStrand® S1000

PipeStrand® S1000 is designed for the low-pressure filament winding market and is compatible with UP, VE, EP and PU resins.

T30: Single-End Roving

PipeStrand® S2300

PipeStrand™ S2300 and S2500 single-end rovings are designed for the high-pressure and high-performance epoxy filament winding market. S2300 delivers outstanding mechanical properties in aromatic amine-cured epoxies, while S2500 is engineered for peak performance in anhydride cured epoxies.

T30: Single-End Roving

PulStrand® 4100

PulStrand® 4100 Type 30® is a single end roving designed specifically for pultrusion, offering fast wetting, excellent processing and excellent laminate performance in major resin systems.

T30: Single-End Roving

Silentex® roving and direct fill technology

The Silentex® continuous glass fiber noise control system is a total system approach from glass texturization to insertion into different silencer designs.

T30: Single-End Roving

Telestrand™ roving 2000

TeleStrand™ 2000 UV series roving bring stiffness to UV-cured pultrusion of FRP central strength members in optical fiber cables. It enables high-speed processing, thanks to tight loss on ignition, minimized fuzz and fast impregnation.

T30: Single-End Roving

WindStrand® Rovings 2000, 3000

The WindStrand® 2000, 3000 rovings for weaving fabrics feature a powerful combination of optimized design, high performance, and ultimate reliability, which enable customers to produce longer and up to 6-percent lighter turbine blades.

T30: Single-End Roving


SE8380 Type 30® is specifically designed for phenolic resin systems. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with statistical process control. Produced with patented, corrosion resistant Advantex® glass.

T30: Single-End Roving

366 Single End Roving

366 Type 30® Single End Roving is specifically designed for fast wet-out, good processing, high glass loading and excellent laminate properties, to maximize customers’ processing efficiency and minimize their production costs in pultrusion and filament winding applications.

T30: Single-End Roving



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