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Commercial Insulation

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Commercial Product Highlights

House being built with Codebord air barrier system being shown.

CodeBord® Air Barrier System

This high performance heat, air and moisture management system provides proven system performance, eliminating the need for an additional weather barrier.

Architect Solution Manual

A comprehensive guide of technical literature for all Owens Corning Canada products in one easy-to-access platform.

Explore  Architectural Solutions Manual
Architect pointing at a computer while another draws on a blueprint

Effective Thermal Resistance Calculator

Calculate the effective thermal resistance provided by the application of Owens Corning insulation products within various design assemblies. Compile multiple assembly types into a single result, and download or email the calculated results with just a click.

Learn More About the Thermal Resistance Calculator
Heat gun showing heatmap of house

Acoustic Assemblies Design Calculator

Calculate the acoustical and fire performance profiles of a given application of Owens Corning insulation products.

Learn More About the Acoustic Assemblies Design Calculator
Graphic of sound waves being broken up by wall

Enclosure Solutions Thermal Bridging Guide

Provides information and guidance for determining the thermal transmittance of commercial, institutional, and multi-unit residential construction using Owens Corning® products and systems.

Explore the Enclosure Solutions Thermal Bridging Guide
Thermal image of building

Find out here if your project may qualify for LEED® credits!

Owens Corning’s products may contribute points to a LEED® category to help a project receive a LEED® Certification. Simply fill out the LEED® Request Form and submit to receive your LEED® credit estimate within 5 business days.

All LEED® Reports will provide the following documentation (if applicable to the product): Recycled Content Certificate, GreenGuard Certification, EPD and HPD. Please see the Owens Corning Claims Guide for detailed descriptions of Sustainability documentation.

Get LEED® credit estimate
hands holding a tree and a city