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Building and Construction

Enhance Comfort and Service Life

Pulstrand™ rovings as well as innovative glass non-wovens and Sustaina™ formaldehyde-free binder technology provide processing, performance and design flexibility advantages in many new applications including window lineals, flooring, ceiling, wall covering, gypsum and insulation.

Performance Features

The Right Solutions

The Performax® range of products is specially designed and engineered for long fiber reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene (LFT, DLFT and CFRT), providing performance and productivity benefits to users. The Performax® SE4849 roving has been designed for hot-melt compounding process, and for pultrusion process to manufacture unidirectional continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tapes.

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We know your business is important - which is why we have hand selected team members with knowledge specific to your needs. For immediate assistance, reach out to our experts below and we'll be in touch with you.

Your Owens Corning Experts for Building and Construction

Ankit Kadakia

Roofs, Facades, Insulation Facer / Non-Wovens
Walls - Gypsum / Non-Wovens
Contact Ankit

Ray Arai

Roofing, Sheets / Unifilo - MatsContact Ray

Damien Zaher

Ceiling / Acoustimax - Non-Wovens
Walls - Covering / Non-Wovens
Contact Damien

Patrick Haller

Doors - Windows, Profiles / PipeStrand-single-End RovingContact Patrick
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