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Industrial and Infrastructure

Eliminate Corrosion And Reduce Maintenance Costs

Pipestrand™ solutions help potential lower material cost in water infrastructure with high mechanical performance combined with increased filament winding manufacturing efficiency. Ultrapipe® fabric serve the glass based cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) applications.

Performance Features

Featured Application

Bridge Construction

Composite rebar represents a compelling alternative to steel reinforcements with advantages including corrosion-resistance, improved durability, lightweighting, enhanced ease-of-installation, greater tensile strength and long service life.

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Featured Product Type

Fiberglas™ Rebar

Leave the rust, weight and price uncertainty of traditional steel behind for a superior alternative to concreate reinforcement. Designed with DOTs, Engineers and Contractors in mind: stronger, lighter, more durable and competitively priced – Fiberglas™ Rebar by Owens Corning is setting a new bar in concreate reinforcement.

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The Right Solutions

In the high- and low-pressure filament winding applications, manufacturers’ main requirements are high mechanical properties, durability, corrosion resistance, and low weight. Their needs and preferences in terms of fiber geometry, resins, curing systems, expected performance and process requirements vary among global regions. PipeStrand™ S2300 and S2500 single-end rovings are designed for the high-pressure and high-performance epoxy filament winding market. PipeStrand™ S2300 and S2500 products are designed for both amine and anhydride-cured epoxies. S2300 delivers outstanding mechanical properties in aromatic amine-cured epoxies, while S2500 product is engineered for peak performance in anhydride cured epoxies.

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