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TruPave™ Paving Mat



TruPave™ engineered paving mat from Owens Corning® provides high modulus tensile strength while creating a moisture-resistant barrier to reduce the effects of reflective cracking and dramatically increase the life of the pavement.


Performance Attributes

  • Impressive Performance

    • Prevents reflective cracking and protects the pavement structure longer with low elongation, high-modulus glass fibers. <br> <br> • Resists moisture damage by combining with asphalt to form a low-permeability moisture barrier. <br> <br> • High tensile strength improves flexural pavement performance under loading. <br> <br> • Remains stable under high-temperature hot-mix designs and will not shrink or melt – glass and polyester fibers are dimensionally stable up to 495°F.

  • Reduces Costs

    • Preserves pavement surface and protects structure longer for less maintenance and lower costs. <br> <br> • Extends performance of pavement rehab investment by up to 500 percent.

  • Recyclable

    • Easily milled into small pieces and fully recycles into asphalt mixes through a hot-mix recycling plant. <br> <br> • Promotes sustainability and lowers impact of producing, processing and transporting raw materials by conserving natural resources, limiting use of landfills, and reducing greenhouse emissions.


TruPave™ engineered paving mat is used for hot-mix overlay applications over existing asphalt and/or concrete pavement or between layers in new construction. The product is ideal for highways, urban streets, parking lots, bridge decks, shopping centers, runways or driveways. Projects can include: spot crack repair, micro surfacing, chip seal, mill/leveling course/structural overlay and non-structural overlay.


Technical Information

Technical Characteristics

Mass Per Unit Area ASTM D5261 g/m2 (oz/yd2) 136 (4.0)
Tensile Strength, MD ASTM D5035* N/50 mm (lb/2in) >200 (45)
Elongation at Max Load, MD ASTM D5035* % <5
Tensile Strength, CD ASTM D5035* N/50 mm (lb/2in) 200 (45)
Elongation at Max Load, CD ASTM D5034* % <5
Tensile Strength (bias angle)1 ASTM D50352 N/50mm (lb/2in) >200 (45)
Melting Point ASTM D276 °C (°F) >230 (>446)
Asphalt Retention ASTM D6140 gal/yd2 0.21
Shrinkage Tex-616-J % 0

*ASTM D5053 is designed for materials that exhibit <11% elongation (ASTM D5035. Section 1.2).
1In paving applications, bias angle tensile strength can be a factor in mitigating multi-directional crack propagation.
2Modified test sample is cut on a 45o angle and tested according to ASTM D5035.

NOTE: Conditions for tensile strength measurements:
Sample width: 50mm and Gage length: 175mm
Sample length: 250mm and Crosshead speed: 50mm/min

NOTE: Of the various ASTM test methods for testing tensile strength of paving mats, paving fabrics, and glass grids, none are fully suitable for comparing materials that are dissimilar in construction and materials. For example, under ASTM D4632, it is stated that “the grab test method does not provide all the information needed for all design applications, and other test methods should be used.” Owens Corning utilizes ASTM D5035-95, also known as the cut-strip tensile test method, because TruPave exhibits less than 11% elongation. Unlike the grab method (ASTM D4632), with the cut-strip method, the entire width of the test specimen is clamped and falls within the stress field as the specimen is elongated. Neither method fully addresses performance in the pavement, and Owens Corning recommends that mats, fabrics, and grids be tested when embedded in asphalt.

Manufacturing Process

TruPave™ engineered paving mat is manufactured using a wet-formed process, comprised of fiberglass and polyester fibers blended in an aqueous latex resin. This unique manufacturing process ensures that the fibers uniformly disperse and form a strong interlocking mat that will deliver tensile strength in all directions.

Availability & Packaging

TruPave™ mat is available in North America.

TruPave™ mat is packaged on rolls in three different widths in the following sizes:
• 12' 6" x 360' (500 sq. yd.)
• 10' 0" x 360' (400 sq. yd.)
• 6' 3" x 360' (250 sq. yd.)

Regional Availability

TruPave™ is available in North America.


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