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Pultrusion Process

Tailored solutions to create high performance products

Owens Corning provides a full range of reinforncement products for pultrusion tailored to your unique process. From rovings to mats to fabrics, our solutions are engineered to help you stay agile while maintaining the level of quality you've come to expect. Local technical support combined with global product availablility means you have the flexibility to get the right products at the right time. We are committed to making a material difference to help you make more possible.

Photo courtesy of Strongwell

Product Benefits

Type 30® Single-End Roving
Specifically designed for fast wet-out and good processing to maximize processing and minimize costs
CFM: Continuous Filament Mat
Large choice of tailored reinforcement solutions for efficient manufacture of high performance profiles
Provides a strong bond and enhances surface appearance while conforming to accommodate custom complex profiles