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RKG Roofing & Construction LLC

6242 Rufe Snow Dr #226 | Fort Worth, TX 76148

(817) 320-1217Email

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      RKG is a roofing and storm restoration contractor that restores roofing systems back to pre-storm condition or BETTER after a catastrophic event such as a wind or hail storm. We also offer cash price roof estimates on a variety of roofing systems to accommodate your roof needs and taste. We offer financing for roofing projects as well as other trades. We also work with insurance when you are going through a roof claim. Our roof consultants offer COMPLIMENTARY roofing inspections and document storm related roof damage for you to turn into your insurance carrier. This helps a desk adjuster to make a good decision when determining your claim outcome and amount. Physical damage to your roof created by a storm related incident IS COVERED by homeowners insurance when filed in a proper time frame. On every RKG roof, indifferent of roof system or kind, We offer a few exciting ROOF UPGRADES for FREE! *We ALWAYS tear the roof all the way down to the decking with no upcharge to the homeowner. *Actual Starter Shingle is used on all roof eaves and rakes protecting the entire roof perimeter of your home from wind. *Ice and water shield is installed in all roof valleys and around all roof penetrations replacing metal roofing valley flashing that will corrode with the elements over time. *Synthetic Underlayment is installed on the roof instead of felt paper which is superior for protection against future roof leaks. RKG is locally owned and operated. We are local Texans just like you. Our office is located off Rufe Snow Drive in Fort Worth. We are an insured roofing company who believes in keeping our roofing and renovations customers well protected while work is being conducted at their roof and property. You are in good hands with a RKG Roofing consultant who truly cares on assisting you choose a roof system and option that will be best for yourself, your family, and your home. RKG also does commercial roofing systems. We are able to identify and document storm related damages on all the above type of systems in order to build a damage report and job proposal outlining the production plan to provide to decision makers. If needed, we can refer a public adjuster to assist you with your claim. We also have a full renovations division that can be checked out at www.RKGRenovations.Com

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