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Neil F of Durham, NC | 2019-07-15

Skywalker Roofing is fantastic in every way.

Jesse H of Raleigh, NC | 2019-06-25

I am perfectly satisfied with the way they conducted business and did the work.

Pam J of Burlington, NC | 2019-06-24

We have worked with a lot of contractors and these were the best we have ever worked with. They kept their promise and did everything above and beyond. They were just fabulous.

Donnie L of Gibsonville, NC | 2019-06-19

I am very pleased. They are very professional, and the quality is very good. I had one little issue, and I spoke to the sales representative. He said that he would get it taken care of. It was not really a big deal, but it was something they probably didn't notice. Other than that, it was excellent. The quality and the people are great.

Dessa S of Reidsville, NC | 2019-06-19

We acquired three different quotes for our roof and chose Skywalker over two lower quotes due to several factors; the professionalism of the salesman who gave us a very impressive visual presentation of our roof and what we needed and our choices, the knowledgeable and thorough answers to our questions, and the longevity of the warranty on both workmanship and materials. We weren't looking for cheap, we were looking for a one and done approach to our roofing needs and feel very good about the money spent. We would absolutely recommend Skywalker to anyone looking to improve the quality of their home.

Pam M of Winston Salem, NC | 2019-06-07

Very satisfied from start to finish with Skywalker roofing. Would highly recommend them.

Toni R of Winston Salem, NC | 2019-06-07

From the first phone call and first visit from Skywalker Roofing Representative Brandon to the completion of our roof, everything went smoothly. Brandon was very helpful and informative when we met with him the first time. He got on top of our roof (I'm mentioning this because there were a couple other companies who sent out representatives who just knocked on our door and showed us the different shingles they offered and talked about price. :-/ And I'm like dudes, "Are you not going to check out what's going on with the roof and where?") Anyhow, the first thing Brandon did was check our roof. He went over what Skywalker offered and how they would proceed and what would happen on the day the workers would come to put our new roof on. The workers arrived in the morning and from start to finish they were constantly busy, constantly picking up, cleaning up, walking around the house checking things and the men on the roof kept going. We had our Harley house roof done to match our house as well. We also had our porch ceiling done and the group from Skywalker Roofing went above and beyond what I expected. Our house roof, Harley house roof and our porch are absolutely beautiful. 10+ star rating for Brandon and the Skywalker Roofing Crew. Thank you Brandon and Skywalker Roofing Crew.

Hall J of Winston Salem, NC | 2019-06-06

Skywalker did a wonderful job on our roof. All the individuals we communicated with were very helpful and all knowledgeable about their products and service offers. Score was only a 4 because there were quite a few nails remaining in various parts of our yard where our children play as well as little pieces of plastic from the work materials.

Brad P of Hamptonville, NC | 2019-04-04

Awesome company. Highly recommend them for any roofing or gutter needs.

Chris L of Greensboro, NC | 2019-04-03

I am very pleased.

Sara L of Eden, NC | 2019-04-03

Skywalker Roofing was very professional and did an excellent job.

Hunter P of Greensboro, NC | 2019-03-27

A new roof is a major expenditure and as a consumer you want to feel confident that you made the right choice in the company you contracted. I feel that I made the right choice with Skywalker roofing. Many thanks both to Josh Evans and his crew for their outstanding workmanship and to John Stanley at the office for his timely communication and follow up, they made the entire process stress-free. I would strongly recommend Skywalker Roofing to anyone looking for new roofing installation or repair.

Bonnie M of Mebane, NC | 2019-03-23

Skywalker did a great job replacing our roof. They were easy to work with and always available to answer any questions that we had.

Tori M of Greensboro, NC | 2019-03-20

They were very professional, knowledgeable, and they followed through.

Kentuck B of Ringgold, VA | 2019-03-15

Skywalker Roofing did everything they said they would do. I couldn't recommend them more!

David B of Stokesdale, NC | 2019-02-25

I would recommend them to anybody who needs a new roof.

William C of High Point, NC | 2019-02-13

They are professional. Everything went well. Brandon said that he's coming out personally to look over the work. I really like that they have a guy come after the crew to actually look at it. It is good that he is going to look over the work instead of just the crew.

Susan K of Greensboro, NC | 2019-02-13

They were professional, fair, not cheap but fair for what they did. Overall I am very pleased.

Nancy B of Stoneville, NC | 2019-02-06

I was not given copies of the agreements I signed. This created a problem, with some issues.I had a misunderstanding of the warranty, once the correct communication was given that issue was quickly resolved, Thanks to John Stanley, office manager at Skywalker Roofing.

Craig F of Julian, NC | 2019-02-02

Skywalker roofing did what they said they would do and when they would do it. This is rare in a company in this day and age.

David D of Gibsonville, NC | 2019-01-30

I would highly recommend Skywalker Roofing. We were very satisfied with the quality of work and a peace of mind knowing if any issues come up down the road they will be handled. Luke and his staff were great to work with and met all of our expectations. Price wise they were not the cheapest but if we had to do it again I know who I will call.

Garry L of Stuart, VA | 2019-01-30

Great company to deal with. On time and kept me up to date on how things were going. Quality materials and professional personnel.

Deanna C of Winston Salem, NC | 2019-01-24

Skywalker Roofing did a great job! I never filed an insurance claim before and they helped me through it!

Christopher S of Lexington, NC | 2019-01-23

They did a great job. It was an excellent experience and we highly recommend them. We are very satisfied.

Robert & Carol F of Willis, VA | 2019-01-12

Skywalker Roofing was so good and I would recommend them!

Bobby V of Axton, VA | 2019-01-08

They did an excellent job.

Sharon T of Eden, NC | 2019-01-07

They promised a good clean up after the installation. I got a flat tire 2 days after they left from a roofing nail. My husband has picked up about five nails and screws from their after work. The screws were from where they took down the guttering.

Melissa N of High Point, NC | 2018-12-05

Skywalker Roofing I would highly recommend them they come out give you the best possible price for a Great Quality job. They answered any questions and took care of the property cleaning up the mess before leaving the property. Cheaper is not always better I have a worry free roof now and 50 year transferable warranty that if anything happens someone will be there to take care of the problem.

Peter M of Winston Salem, NC | 2018-12-03

Skywalker Roofing was very professional in every way. They scheduled the job for our convenience and installed a beautiful new roof for us. The quality of their work, materials and customer service was the reason we chose Skywalker Roofing. We would definitely recommend them to family and friends. -Peter

John & Stephanie W of Mayodan, NC | 2018-11-27

Skywalker Roofing is a great business. They provided great service and great workmanship.

Resa H of Winston Salem, NC | 2018-11-17

I didn't go wrong. Before I had the roof put on, I contacted several companies and met with them to get estimates. I chose Skywalker Roofing because they were very thorough with everything. Everything went very smoothly. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They came and did my work and I have absolutely no complaints and that is almost unheard of. I have had several neighbors compliment the roof. Skywalker got in, got it done, picked up their mess, and it looks great. My neighbors said that when they get their roof done, they are going to use Skywalker Roofing.

David K of N Wilkesboro, NC | 2018-11-14

We were 100% satisfied with everything. They did a beautiful job and we are very well pleased.

Ray S of Snow Camp, NC | 2018-11-14

They were just great. They were on time and everyone knew what they were doing. The salesman that came out, he brought samples of everything they had. It was a good experience.

Christine J of Winston Salem, NC | 2018-11-13

I was glad I went with them, and I enjoyed how thorough they were when they did the estimate.

Walter D of Raleigh, NC | 2018-11-10

I thought they were professional and knowledgeable, as well as courteous and easy to deal with.

Rachel I of Eden, NC | 2018-11-10

Top notch roofing!

Jimmy & Sharon A of High Point, NC | 2018-10-31

It was the best roofing company I have ever seen!

Dale K of Sandy Ridge, NC | 2018-10-30

They did what they said they were going to do.

Al C of Burlington, NC | 2018-10-24

Very professional! Very knowledgeable! They did the work that they promised they would do.

William K of Durham, NC | 2018-10-20

Skywalker Roofing is an excellent company with knowledgeable professional staff and very courteous crew.They did an excellent job with our roofing project.

Kathy G of Stoneville, NC | 2018-10-04

Skywalker Roofing gets A+++. Great people to work with.

Robert C of Kernersville, NC | 2018-09-15

Good job. completed quickly and professionally.

Chris C of Wake Forest, NC | 2018-09-11

The shingles look great. The best part is the metal roofing work by Carlos. He is an artist.

Sherry C of Greensboro, NC | 2018-09-11

Excellent staff, great customer service, and we love our roof!

Doug R of Summerfield, NC | 2018-09-08

Very professional, very well done, and I would recommend them to anybody.

Earvin H of Burlington, NC | 2018-08-29

I was very satisfied with the work that was done.

Emma S of Eden, NC | 2018-08-22

Skywalker Roofing did a wonderful job on my roof.

Sandra C of Cana, VA | 2018-08-20

from start to finish they walked me thru everything. made the experience a nice one.

Joann D of Lawsonville, NC | 2018-08-07

I like everybody with the company and they did the job well. Everything we were told we would receive we got it.

Joe & Teresa C of Thomasville, NC | 2018-08-02

They did exactly what they said they would do which was all I expected. AMAZING Professionally installed a brand new roof on my 25 year old home. MY QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED AS THE DAY PROGRESSED I WAS COMPLETELY SATISFIED I WILL RECOMMEND SKYWALKER ROOFING TO EVERYONE!!

Mike F of N Wilkesboro, NC | 2018-08-01

They were super from start to finish. I have had no problems since the job was done. I am very satisfied and have recommended them to people in my area.

Bob M of Reidsville, NC | 2018-07-23

They were professional and very fast. They did the roof in one day, really amazing.

Thaddeus S of Archdale, NC | 2018-07-22

we have had several problems with our inside doors some how the house shifted alittle . At this time our bedroom door will not latch closed, our sun room door sticks and has to be pushed to be closed. our main bathroom door would not close but we trimed the bottom so that it is now closing. It could be two many men on the roof or it could be the power nail guns may have caused the problems

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