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Underlayment Products

DeckDefense® High Performance Synthetic Roof Underlayment

DeckDefense® High Performance Synthetic Roof Underlayment features a durable construction that works with your shingles to help shield your home from moisture infiltration.

Underlayment Products

ProArmor® Synthetic Roof Underlayment

Owens Corning® ProArmor® Synthetic Roof Underlayment with Fusion Back Coating Technology® is strong, durable and repels water unlike #15 felt. It’s also light, easy to install and contributes to safe working conditions.

Underlayment Products

Fiberglas™ Reinforced Felt Underlayment

Fiberglas™ Reinforced Felt Underlayment adds an extra layer of protection beneath the shingles, helping prevent moisture from reaching the roof deck.

Underlayment Products

RhinoRoof® U20 Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

RhinoRoof® U20 is 12 times stronger than #30 felt and offers excellent wind resistance and durability through heavy roof traffic and adverse weather conditions.