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A-Best Roofing

319 Ratings
1411 E 3rd St | Tulsa, OK 74120
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Kathleen R of Sand Springs, OK | 2020-10-14

The crew was very efficient. Compared to others in the neighborhood, this crew finished a lot sooner than most.

Cyndi H of Broken Arrow, OK | 2020-10-09

I am very satisfied.

Jan P of Tulsa, OK | 2020-09-10

My entire roofing experience with A-Best was outstanding. They have an very professional approach, are extremely hard-working, and executed the entire re-roofing project with no negative impact on my landscape, koi pond, or long-established plants. I am extremely pleased!

Rick & Roberta F of Broken Arrow, OK | 2020-08-14

I was very satisfied, and impressed with Olan!

Larry S of Beggs, OK | 2020-08-07

A-Best Roofing did an excellent job. They worked hard, and barely took any breaks throughout the day. They worked from 7 am to 5 pm and had the job perfectly and professionally finished. Great job!

Jamie C of McAlester, OK | 2020-06-24

A-Best Roofing did a wonderful job and took care of my headache.

David M of Bartlesville, OK | 2020-06-19

After contacting several roofing companies they were the only one to quickly return my call and set up an appointment. They were honest on the work and truthful about whether the insurance would pay for the repair or not. They also advised me to get a tarp over the leaking area. The professionally negotiated the roof that I wanted and explained thoroughly the need for a ridge vent and more soffit vents. They were able to come quickly and they finished the work in one day. They also did the extra work of closing gable end vents without extra trip or return trip to do the job. The price was fair though the explanation of zero percent interest was not clear, I decided to get a loan with a different company than their loan company. The work was clean and efficient and the warranty was well explained. There have been no problems since the roof was done by them. I am a very satisfied customer. They due deserve a 5 star rating.

David & Zion M of McAlester, OK | 2020-06-16

They did a good job.

Lynn P of Tulsa, OK | 2020-06-16

When Dominic came out and looked at the roof, he was very personable and made us feel like we could call him any time. When the gentleman came out from our insurance company, we were told our garage didn't need to be replaced. So, Dominic, did not include our garage in the estimate. A very short time after the roof was completed, we had several wind and rain storms. Our garage started leaking and the ceiling even fell in and hit my husband on the head. He immediately called Dominic to get a quote to get the garage done. Dominic first answered the phone and said he would do a quote. When he didn't call back my husband called him again and that time he "said he forgot". After that, we never heard back from him. My husband texted, called. One time left a message with a lady in the office. But still, no call back from Dominic. When we had our house reroofed, we financed this work through the GreenSky Program. ABest was paid in full and we are now making our payments,. We ended up having to hire a different roofing company to come out and replace our garage. After looking at the paperwork, I've wondering if Dominic turned in the square footage to the insurance company that included the garage. When we called Progressive again, the lady seemed puzzled. According to her, it looked like the entire structure was replaced. We don't know what to think. Did ABest pull a fast one over on us because we did tell him the insurance adjuster said the garage didn't look like it had hail damage. It obviously needed to be replaced, we just didn't know it. So, in summary, we had to come up with the cash to replace the garage, which we did, and hired "A DIFFERENT ROOFING COMPANY" to replace our garage. We've considered filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If Dominic had returned my husband's call with a quote for the garage, we would have paid ABest to come back out and do the work because we were pleased with the work done, WITH ONE EXCEPTION. That evening after the roof on the house was complete, we were smelling a burning smell. We found that the roofers had allowed wood chips and old roofing materials to fall into the pipes (not sure of the correct term) of the hot water tank. It could have burned our house DOWN. We called and the supervisor of the job drove in from his home to check it out. When he first talked to the gentleman, he said it would be the next day. My husband said, well you may have to come to the hospital to visit with me after I fall off the roof tonight. But either me or you are going on top of the roof to see what's going on. The gentleman said, I'll be there as soon as I can. I think he was surprised by what he found. He was a very nice man and worked to resolve the problem. And thus, our house didn't catch on fire, which it very could have. Right now we would not recommend ABest Roofing to anyone. It's very suspicious that Dominic ignored us and refused to call back with a quote for the garage. The work is done now and we're out $2,100.00 to replace the garage. We would have paid ABest that money because the insurance wouldn't pay for work they thought was already done.

James R of Broken Arrow, OK | 2020-06-08

A-Best Roofing does not have any competition. They are the best.

Quan H of Broken Arrow, OK | 2020-04-18

A-Best Roofing is a great company to work with!

Dennis B of Tulsa, OK | 2020-04-15

There was an oversight that should have been caught in the beginning. I think they feel most homeowners have a novice level of information about getting a new roof. I did find out later they are not the only platinum roofing dealer in Tulsa. I would recommend other homeowners to discuss their job with other platinum roofing dealers and not use the first company they speak with. I wish I would have talked to others. The salesperson came out with the camera and missed an issue. The salesperson left that up to the supervisor. Everyone was responsible. It took some teeth pulling, but they finally admitted it to me.

Donna B of Porum, OK | 2020-04-01

A-Best Roofing themselves have a good management team. The ladies were efficient in getting somebody to come out and talk with me about A-Best Roofing and what they did. It was during that storm season. I'd give it a 4.

Rod & Betty J of Owasso, OK | 2020-03-25

Everybody was very professional.

Gerald & Mary H of Broken Arrow, OK | 2020-03-24

We were VERY pleased with our experience with A-Best Roofing. We have no complains at all. Everything was done more efficiently and better than expected. We really appreciate the deduction of our home owners insurance premium. Great job!

Michael C of Tulsa, OK | 2020-03-13

A-Best Roofing has the entire roofing process down to a science - from the first meeting to the clean up of the job site. Everyone involved with my project was very professional and very personable.

William S of Tulsa, OK | 2020-02-26

They did fine work! They were on time and picked up all the loose nails and trash. They then came by to double inspect the roof job they did.

Olga M of Tulsa, OK | 2020-02-11

I am very happy with the job done.

Bill & Christy S of Tulsa, OK | 2019-11-18

PROFFESSIONAL ROOFING COMPANY. ONLY HAD 2 ISSUES THAT WERE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY.ROOFING NAILS WERE IN THE FLOWER BEDS & UNDER THE AC compressor, plus a few plants were smashed. Stanley Shouse resolved the issues promptly.

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