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Vicars Roofing

953 E Main Blvd | Church Hill, TN 37642

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      Vicars Roofing began in 1992 when Ronald Vicars transitioned from a carpet fitter to roofer as he understood the trades to be luxury vs necessity. We quickly became a well-known name in the Tri-Cities due to quality workmanship and prompt service. In 2012 Ronnie Vicars succeeded his father in the family business he had been a part of since the age of 18, and the company swelled with new business while honoring old business. Our Company moved from Kingsport, TN to Church Hill, TN in 2017 as we outgrew our old building due to increasing customer demand. We aim to supply high-quality services in the roofing industry by employing experienced and certified individuals who strive to go beyond and ensure a positive outcome for our customers.